Starting Year 4 – She’s too small!

Annabelle went back to school today where she began her journey into year 4. I can’t describe just how excited she was to return. In fact I would go as far as saying that I’ve never seen her move so fast.

Annabelle is possibly what we would describe as erm LAZY! It takes her several hours to do anything and I mean anything including eating her food. Everyone else can be ready for the next meal time and she will still be eating the last one. She just loves to take her time doing absolutely anything.

This morning she was up, dress and running down the stairs at half 7 very excited to start back to school. It’s actually quite refreshing to see as previously she had quite a tough time at school so it was nice to see my old Annabelle back. Me? I was sad, not only that the summer holidays are over but also that she has gone into year 4. Before we know it she will be starting senior school and will be completely independent ( although she is very independent already) I just hope that she doesn’t lose her spark being back at school as she started gaining it back and was our old Annabelle over the holidays.

As much as she drives me bonkers at time she’s my middle princess and I just love her big beaming smile and her cheeky attitude. She is just so tiny! Many people think she is still in year 1 or 2 let alone year 4. Annabelle is one of the youngest her year so whilst her friends are about to start turning 9 she has literally only just turned 8. This doesn’t hold her back in any way though. In fact the opposite she thrives on it.

I am sad to see her grow up ( After all she was only born yesterday 😉 ) but equally excited to see how she turns out. There really isn’t much of a point to this post other than to say I miss my princess and I can’t wait until 3pm rolls around ( which is very soon) and she will be back home chattering my head off and telling me all about her first day back.


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