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I received an email last week inviting me to a bloggers night out in Star City Birmingham. Honestly I was beyond excited for 2 reasons. 1 I had never been to Star City before and 2 I had never been on a blogger event before. There was a big mixture of excitement and nerves. 

Star City Ice Rink

I travelled over to Birmingham with Daddy Giraffe and literally within minutes of getting there we were being handed Ice-Skates ready to try out the amazing outdoor Ice Rink. I was expecting the Ice Rink to be like the fake ones you see everywhere that you can skate on but its more some plastic things that you’re skating on and not actual Ice.

It turns out I was wrong, this was a full blown Ice Rink complete with real Ice. After laughing at Daddy Giraffe trying to pluck up the courage to let go of the side for a while I decided to see if I was still able to skate. I hadn’t been in a very long time but it was just like riding a bike, only with Ice, sharp bladed skates and every chance of falling.

We were then shown around the back of the Ice Rink where we were told exactly how it works and how they keep it frozen using pipes under the surface and huge cooling machines. It was pretty cool to learn just how they work.

Me stood on the ice
Turns out I can still stand up on the ice

Star City Ice Rink


Next up it was time to go into Nando’s. As tragic as it is until this point I had never set foot into Nando’s before , I was super excited to finally see what all of the fuss was about.  After sitting and chatting for a while to the other Bloggers and finding out more about each other it was revealed that we would be playing a game of chicken wing roulette.

Now this was something I was a little bit gutted about as I don’t like to eat chicken off the bone but I really wanted to join in. Basically they laid out four plates of chicken wings. Some were mild, some were spicy then there were others that were extra hot!

I’m someone who suffers severely from FOMO ( fear of missing out) so decided to suck it up and join in by picking some of the chicken from the bone. The first taste was fine. It was mild, juicy and delicious but I was soon to learn I was just being lulled into a false sense of security as my next wing was extra hot. My lips felt like I had been and had some sort of cosmetic treatment on them but even though it was extremely hot it was still very tasty!

Chicken wings on a plate
Chicken Wing roulette

Adventure Island Mini Golf

When we had finally cooled down our mouths it was time for a game of Adventure mini golf.  We were split into two teams of four and sent on our way. When you get there you have a choice of the easier course or the more difficult. What do a load of bloggers who’ve never played mini golf before choose? Well clearly it’s the difficult course!

This was the point when I realised that perhaps golfing wasn’t my sport. After taking 10 shots to get into one of the holes I ended up coming in last out of everyone. I’m no sore loser but I’m pretty sure there was something wrong with my golf club or they were moving the holes as I was taking my turn 😉

The whole place was decorated spectacularly and there were so many things to discover as we made our way round the course. One part really caught me out. I thought that I had to shoot the ball through the mouth of one of the tiki style heads but no when I hit it the thing laughed at me as it bounced off!

Me playing Mini Golf
I’m no golfer!

Picture of the adventure mini golf course

Pizza Hut

Our final stop after working up an appetite in the Adventure Mini Golf was Pizza Hut. We settled down to our tables and were handed copies of the menus , it took a while to decide what to have but I settled for the Texas BBQ with a side order of cheesy garlic bread. It was a very serious case of eyes bigger than belly when it arrived at the table! The food was extremely fresh. The base of the pizza was a little thin for my liking but there was mountains of toppings. The stuffed crust was delicious. After having more chats and admiring each others food ( Daddy giraffe had possibly the hugest macaroni cheese I’ve ever seen in my life) It was time to say goodbye and make our way home

Texas BBQ Pizza
My HUGE pizaa


Star City is amazing

Star City is Birmingham’s leading leisure destination with an array of great places to eat, drink and have fun. Restaurants and casual dining tenants include Pizza Hut, Nando’s, KFC, Subway, Oodles n’ Oodles, Shere Khan, Harvester, Tinseltown, Pepe’s Piri Piri, Shobhas and McDonald’s. Fun for all the family includes; Star Ice Rink, Adventure Mini Golf, Fun Station, Goals, Vue Cinema, Tenpin, Monster Mayhem and Family Fun Zone. Located 1 mile from Junction 6 on the M6, Star City offers 2,400 FREE parking spaces.

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Star City not only with all of the amazing places we got to try out but also meeting some other incredible bloggers. I finally feel like a real blogger!

I’m going to have to take my kids there and let them experience it, it’s one to add to the list of places to take them 🙂

Thanks for reading


** We were invited to a bloggers night out complimentary at Star City Birmingham, All thoughts and feelings are my own

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