A special kids takeover – Harry’s award

Here is a special takeover in Mummyof5miracles “Hand the blog to the kids” segment. This is a special takeover by me, Harry Dodd-Sutton.
My Award

Hello everyone, Welcome to my special blog take over. On Thursday 20th July 2017, I finally received my award. If you remember my last blog post Harry takes over week 3 . You will know that I have been nominated to receive an award.

Well I had no idea what it was for until I got there. It turned out to be for my favourite subject. Computer Science. I was so happy when I got up to receive it.

When I went to get it, I was given three prizes.

1) A certificate to show what the award was for and who it was for.

2) A Terry’s Chocolate orange.

3) A strange envelope. When I was given the envelope, I went back to my seat and started to open it. It turned out it was a £5 Tesco voucher. Strange prize but useful.








After an hour-long presentation, We – me, my Mum and my Dad (Gareth) were invited to a buffet and drinks reception to celebrate. The food was amazing with all different items from posh sandwiches to samosas and pizzas, The drinks were Orange juice, Apple juice and wine. We all had juice. My Family met up with one of my friend’s families for the evening. It was a great evening and I am so proud of my award.

Thank you for reading about my award.
Harry Dodd-Sutton


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