#SPARbecue – Food & Family fun even with the rain!

When I was offered the opportunity to work alongside SPAR and host a #Sparbecue I jumped at the chance, especially when it was requested that we hold the barbecue on the weekend that coincided with Annabelle‘s birthday.

I received 2 boxes of items from SPAR ready for the #SPARbecue , the first of the boxes arrived on the Thursday afternoon, I am a sucker for enjoying opening boxes especially when it’s a surprise and I’m not quite sure what I’m going to get. All I knew was that SPAR we going to send me 1 box containing the fresh things like meat/salad etc and another that would have more cupboard style items and included wine!

Box Number 1

When I opened up box number 1 I was extremely impressed, I certainly wasn’t expecting so much food, it contained :

3 x Packets of The Meat Market quarter-pound beef burgers

2 x Packets of Pork and Apple Sausages

2 x Packets of Mango, Coconut and Chilli chicken breasts

2 x Pots of Morrocan humous

2 x Pots of Asian quinoa  ( which I now know is pronounced Keen- wah and not quin oh a )

2 x Pots of creamy coleslaw

2 x Pots of potato salad

2 x Pots of Cream cheese stuffed peppers ( personal favourite of mine and Ellies, In fact we may have sneakily eaten one pot before the bbq, purely for research purposes obviously)

and A classic dip selection

Box number 2

Box number 2 was equally as exiciting for a start it contained wine! There was :

2 x packets of pitta bread

3 x packets of Brioche burger buns

A packet of hand-cooked pulled pork  crisps

A packet of salt and pepper snacks

Tomato sauce

Salad Cream

A bottle of prosseco

A bottle of Pinot Grigio

A bottle of Primitivo Puglia

This box also contained bunting, little flags for our burgers and of course the much needed paper plates and napkins. We also had a little set of tasks to do which came in a beautiful little leaflet that even had my name on it!


The day arrived for our #SPARbecue and the forecast was for heavy rain, Originally the plan had been to get our large paddling pool , sit in the garden and just enjoy relaxing, having fun and celebrating Annabelle’s birthday whilst trying out some of the foods that SPAR could offer for a barbecue.

However it soon became very obvious that the weather was not on our side. We certainly wasn’t going to that dampen ( pardon the pun) our spirits. Instead of panicking we simply moved everything inside.

One of the activities we had been asked to do was to build the ULTIMATE burger, I lay out the brioche bun then added lettuce,bacon tomato, burger, cheese, jalapeno peppers, chicken breast and topped with sauce. I think you’ll agree it looks pretty awesome!

The Food

Everyone had an excellent time at our indoor #Sparbecue and soon the comments started coming in about the food. The pork and apple sausages were a huge hit with both the kids and adults alike.

The Asian quinoa was a firm favourite of my brothers who actually took the remaining pot home with him afterwards.

The chicken went down extremely well with my teenagers and the little ones really enjoyed all of the snacky foods.

I have to be honest when I think of SPAR I think of somewhere to go to gran quick things like milk & bread, I would never have even thought of going there for barbecue food but they really do have an incredibly large selection and a lot of it was things we had never tried before like the stuffed peppers.

In future if I have a bbq I will certainly be putting SPAR on my list of places to visit to get the essentials, they are also a pretty good price with many of the items being 2 for £5

A massive thank you to the friends and family that joined us to celebrate Annabelle’s birthday and also for all of the lovely cards and gifts she received.

Thank you SPAR for encouraging us to hold our very own #SPARbecue and showing us just how many fantastic foods you offer.


** We were given items by SPAR to enjoy a #SPARbecue and to post on Instagram, This blog post has been written without being requested purely because I genuinely really enjoyed the food and wanted to share it with you. 




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