Sous Chef – The Big Chilli Advent Calendar – Review

I am always on the look out for different kinds of advent calendars. As much as the traditional chocolate calendars are amazing it’s always nice to find something that is a little bit different and a chilli calendar is definitely different.

Not only that but a lot of advent calendars are focused on children counting down the days to Christmas, where in reality it’s probably me that gets most excited in my house so I was really excited when I was sent The Big Chilli Advent Calendar from Sous Chef

More than just a calendar

Lately I have this thing for Jalapeno peppers, I’m not sure why but I’ve literally had them with everything. Whilst I’m not the worlds biggest fan of overly spicy things I do think a little spice in your life is good!

Upon opening my calendar from Sous Chef, I found 25 small red packets with numbers on. ( I can’t tell you how happy I was that there was a number 25 , yes I’m a child) Alongside this was a cardboard calendar and a recipe book.

The Big Chilli Recipe Book

Each of the small packets has a different kind of chilli inside them. Some are powders, some are flakes and others are whole Chillies. The chillies are from all around the world and range from very mild to extremely spicy. It even includes the Carolina Reaper!

Recipe book

For me the most exciting part of this calendar isn’t just the fact you get a different chilli each day but the clever people at Sous Chef have also included a recipe book giving you different idea’s of what to do with your chillies.

Not only does the book give you recipes that range from chutney’s to noodles, cakes to drinks it also gives you all of the information regarding each chilli that you receive and the strength of that chilli.

For example it tells you that the Trinidad Scorpion Chilli is the second hottest chilli in the world at the time of printing the book with the only chilli to beat is being the Carolina Reaper. It’s famous for not only its intense heat but also the length of time the heat lasts in your mouth. That chilli has a sign next to it showing its heat is 5 chillies meaning that it is extremely hot.

Other chillies within the book have a much milder chilli rating with only one chilli by the side of it. Below each fact about the chilli it gives you recommendations of what you can use it for.

The Smoked Paprika Chilli states that it’s a great partner for tomatoes, meat and potatoes and also fantastic with paellas. This advent calendar is definitely a must for chefs and people who enjoy spicy foods.

Overall thoughts and feelings

I was really excited to open the box and see what was inside. I am a bit of a food geek so really love the fact it explains about each chilli and gives you ideas of what to do with them.

I’m very excited to start making the recipes shown in the book and I will be posting them as I do them on my Instagram to share them with you.

This would be not only great for treating yourself but also perfect to treat somebody else with. A fun and educational countdown to Christmas with some exciting new recipes to try too.

What isn’t to love?


** I was given a Sous Chef Big Chilli Advent Calendar in exchange for my review. All thoughts and feelings are my own. Any chilli facts have been taken from the recipe book included.


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