The simple kindness of a stranger can mean so much

The other day I posted on my Twitter account that I was feeling under the weather and I had a massive headache. If you are a regular reader then you will know that I suffer quite badly from headaches and it can at times be very debilitating. That was one of those days. What I wasn’t banking on was incredible kindness from a complete stranger!


I had a little note on my tweet that said “DM your address I’ll pop a little box of happy in the post for you. Free of charge because it’s rubbish feeling rubbish!” I was amazed that someone who didn’t know me at all had not only taken the time to read my tweet but had also taken on board that I was feeling rubbish and had offered to send me something. At this point I didn’t know what it was all I knew was that someone had taken time out of their day to care.

The next morning the postman knocked on my door with a small parcel. I excitedly opened it and inside was possibly the cutest yet most thoughtful thing. Not only did it have some biscuits, a tea bag and some stickers in there it also had the most amazing little tag that read “Hi Cheryl, I hope you’re feeling better and this helps with smiles” It really did brighten my day. Such a small and simple gesture but one that made a great deal of comfort to me.

So Why am I telling you?

Because what I didn’t know is this came from a company called Brew and a Biscuit  On further investigation of the company I discovered their aim is to simply spread a little happiness. Their little boxes come in a small variety and are less than £5! ( They don’t know I’m writing this so I can assure you they haven’t done anything to influence this post)

I just want to return the kindness they have shown me when I was feeling rubbish by highlighting the fact that they exist.

I’ve been nosying and in actual fact their boxes are very cute. There’s even a chocolate one which I think would be perfect for teenage hormone times!

Take a look and if someone you know if feeling a little down or not themselves then why don’t you send them a box from Brew And A Biscuit

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