Mum Flu & Baby Flu at the same time!

Today has been a bit of a surreal day. As I went to bed last night I noticed I was getting Mum Flu , nose dribbling , sore throat and a million soldiers banging in my head. I realised I was getting poorly. Gareth knew I was feeling a little under the weather as I had been suffering with a bad head all week and we just assumed it was part of my medical conditions until the waterfall of the nose began. So he left me in bed for a lie-in and it’s probably a good job he did.

When he woke me up he informed me that he had been up since 4am with a poorly Bethie. (our 8 month old) She had a temperature and was very clingy. I took hold of her, took her temperature and then checked when she had her last medicine. I gave her some more medicine and we lay in bed having cuddles. Other than the temperature and a bit of a runny nose she seemed absolutely fine.  I even managed to get my first ever picture of me and all 5 kids… granted trying to get them all to face the same way at the same time proved difficult and I looked like death warmed up but we still got one.

Around 5pm I was working on my blog in my bedroom listening to the kids playing downstairs when all of a sudden everything changed. Ellie shouted up the stairs that Beth had been sick everywhere. Now when my kids say things like this is usually a tiny drop that is ‘everywhere’ but I went downstairs to discover a very poorly little girl. She really had been sick absolutely everywhere and was still going. We noticed that she was shivering and her skin had gone a funny colour. She was still boiling hot so we called 111 for some advice.

At this point I was quite worried that it may develop into some sort of fit. I am quite knowledgeable when it comes to medical things, everyone says I should have been a doctor and was VERY aware of what was happening with her.

The emergency help line informed us that she needed to be seen and they would get someone from the local Shrop Doc to call us.  Whilst waiting for the call Beth was sick a few more times but as she was being sick her temperature was coming down. I was checking it every half an hour. Once she stopped being sick I gave her some water and mummy cuddles and before we knew it her skin was back to normal and she was laughing and playing. You wouldn’t dream for a second that she had been so sick just an hour before.

Anger spread through me at the length of time it took for the doctors to get back to me. Had I have been a first time mum I would have been absolutely petrified not knowing how to make things better. Eventually after 3 long hours the doctor called us back. I explained to the doctor that she was now absolutely fine and everything that had happened. I also expressed my concern that I thought she just had a bad cold and a sore throat and he agreed with me after going through everything. The doctor and I both agreed the best thing to do would be to keep a close eye on her for the evening and I have open access to call them back if I need to.

Freddie helped to set up our spare cot in the living room and she is now fast asleep , no temperature ,no sick NOTHING her skin is perfect and she’s even had a bottle! Isn’t it crazy how quick a baby can go downhill but equally how fast they bounce back. I’m sure they hear the word DOCTOR or HOSPITAL and go not a chance and are fine again.

Please be assured that after 5 children I am more than aware of whether she needed further help or not and I am also confident in my parenting skills and knowledge of bugs etc. If at any point she had got worse or began fitting then I would not have been calling 111 I would have been calling 999.

Now I’m curled up on the sofa, spending sometime catching up on things with some toilet roll for my nose dribbles and have a very happy content fast asleep baby by the side of me in a cot and this is where I will be until around 5am when I will wake Gareth to take over and go to sleep.

It’s very draining having a poorly baby and you feel so helpless but I know my beautiful princess will bounce back in no time. At least shes fine now but I won’t be sleeping tonight!

Thanks for reading my babble!


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