Serious leg clinger!

At the moment Bethie is going through a serious leg clinging phase. This is a new experience for me as none of my others have done it. If I stand still for longer than a few minutes you can guarantee a little body will attach itself to me and be glued for a short while.

Now normally I would say aww how cute she wants to be with mummy but the truth is she is trying to avoid our new puppy! Bethie and Buddy have a love hate relationship. She acts like she hates him, clings to my leg when he’s near but then feeds him over the side of her high chair (little monkey) So despite it seeming she just can’t bear to be away from me the truth is she’s just trying to get away from the doggy!

I’ve actually just snuck snook sneaked come up the stairs to hide for a little while so that I can do something productive without having to try to peel a baby from me or pull my trousers back up for the hundredth time.

In all fairness though it really is cute.. I mean look at her little face!

I have to admit I’m a bit concerned that when she gets older and has to start nursery I’m going to be trying to drag my leg away whilst the teacher settles her. This is possibly my own fault due to the fact that I have completely and utterly spoilt her.

I spend the majority of my life singing songs, playing games, dancing and cuddling her so she really is mummies little princess. She’s my last baby so I had no choice really but to spoil her did i??


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