Sad Mummy : How do you cope when your child appears to dislike you?

I am and always have been a firm but fair mother. I enjoy teaching my children new things and watching as they explore the world around them and learn. However recently I have come across something that I have never dealt with before and that is my son really seems to dislike me.

I don’t even mean a little or even when I’ve had to tell him off for doing something naughty. This is an everyday thing. It isn’t something I talk about not even to Gareth but it is something that is really starting to make me sad and I figured that I can’t be the only parent out there facing this and feeling this way.

I adore Freddie as much as the rest of the children. If anything I have a soft spot for him as he seems to be a little different from the rest ( I will explain more about that in a future post).

When did it begin?

Literally from when he was born really. Freddie was Gareths first ever baby and in turn that meant that Mummy didn’t get a look in. He wanted to do everything. Feeding him, night feeds , changing him. Don’t get me wrong after raising the 3 elder ones with very little help I really appreciated that he wanted to be so involved and I could rest but it also made it difficult to create a good strong bond.

I would where possibly scoop him up, play games and cuddle him on the sofa. Sing, count, dance, make him laugh but for everything else it was Daddy.  If he hurt himself I would go to help him and Daddy would swoop in and take him off me to make sure he was OK.

The fact that Freddie means so much to his Daddy is adorable but in turn has created a little bit of a problem where I try to do something and I am “Stinky”. Just the other day I tried to help him on the toilet as he is toilet training to be clearly told ” I don’t like you”.

He also was asked

“Freddie do you love Daddy?”


” Freddie do you love Jelly?”


“Freddie do you love Mummy?”

” No”

He literally went through the whole family one by one saying he loved them and not me. In that moment my heart just sank. No matter how hard I try. Taking him to the park, trying to get him to engage in fun things. Lying on his bed and reading a story at night he just doesn’t like his Mummy and I genuinely have no idea how I deal with it as all of my other children and even Bethie have been complete mummies kids. If they’re hurt it’s me they come to. If they need advice it’s me.

Maybe Freddie isn’t so close because I worked full-time when he was very small so I wasn’t around as much as I was for the rest of them. I really don’t know but if anyone has any advice I would love to hear it

Yours Sincerely

A Sad Mummy



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