Reviews & Giveaways

I LOVE giveaways as much as anybody else so when the opportunity comes along to review a product and then to be able to offer that product to one of my lucky readers I jump at the chance!

If you have something you would like us to review or giveaway do not hesitate to get in touch!  I am always excited to receive new things to try whether they are for myself , my partner or one of the children. The joy of having such a large range of ages is that we are pretty much able to give opinions on anything and everything. I would really like the opportunity to work with some more people particularly any clothing/fashion and teen orientated items so if you have any of those then I would love to hear about it. As well as anything you feel we might like to try. I’m open to new suggestions and ideas and love to interact with people so if you’re someone who likes reading my reviews and entering my giveaways or somebody who would like me to review their products feedback is always welcome.

Some of the things that I review are given to me in exchange for an honest review and I try to make sure that I am completely honest as lets face it these days before we buy things we like to know if they’re any good or if there’s anything we don’t quite like about it. I always aim to give my reviews as openly and honestly as possible.

I will always mark any reviews that are sponsored or given in exchange for a review as so, if you see anything without a disclaimer on the bottom this means that I have bought this product myself or visited that place using my own money and just thought it would be something good to share and review with everybody.