Relationships sometimes need space too

You will notice that I have been very quiet over the last week. This is because last Friday after 5 years, 2 babies and many memories Gareth and I decided to no longer be together as a couple and to end out relationship. A while ago I wrote about how we had lost our way and unfortunately we still couldn’t find it.

We are the most amazing partnership when it comes to all of the children and they are all thriving and that isn’t just thanks to me but it’s also due to Gareth being part of their lives. When it comes to the kids we are great parents. In fact I would go as far as saying Gareth is one of the most dedicated, incredible amazing parents that I know. There is nothing that he wouldn’t do for every single one of those children.

Unfortunately we aren’t the best at being a couple and this means a lot of bickering and disagreements, spending some nights barely even speaking to each other. We know most couples go through this but when you spend more time not happy than you do happy then something has to give and for us it was getting too much. ¬†We have decided to make this split. Nobody knows what the future holds and nobody knows if this split is permanent or if it is temporary. Who knows we may even be back together quickly.

What I do know is that strangely since we took away the pressure of being a couple we are laughing more, talking more and we have found a new respect for each other and I find that exciting for the future. I am confident that we will be back together one day when we are both in a better place and until then we are working together to be the best parents we can possibly be with the children. They all know the situation and we will be still living and going out etc as a family. It’s actually really exciting to re-discover each other and maybe notice the bits of each other than we had lost. Despite the fact we have split. I believe that everything we go through is for a reason and this split will only strengthen our happily ever after and make for a stronger partnership.


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2 thoughts on “Relationships sometimes need space too

  1. Aww Chez. I dont want to say sorry to hear this as it sounds like you both have found a new relationship with yourselves again! Sometimes we just need that space but it sounds like your love for each other is still there and who knows you may give it another shot and be happier then ever! xx
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    1. We are working closely together and are both hopeful that this is a temporary split. Doing the right thing sucks but We are still very much working together with the kids x

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