Relationships : It’s all making sense now

I wrote the other day to let you all know that myself and Gareth had decided to split.  Life wasn’t fun and we were constantly arguing or if we weren’t arguing then we just weren’t talking. We had a massive distance between us and despite the best intentions and efforts it just wasn’t working out.  It’s all making complete sense now.

1 Week on and it’s becoming clearer.

After a LOT of talking between myself and Gareth we have now discovered that it was just a case of the wrong timing. Despite the fact that we love each other very much we both and rightly so put the children before us. But in fact by doing that we lost our relationship and lost ourselves along the way. I spoke about it a while ago and how we were trying to find ourselves.

During our talks it has come out that we actually had a lot of underlying issues and it turns out it was the right time to split and to concentrate on ourselves and our children for a while. After all you can’t find room to fully love someone else until you can love yourself and neither of us have been overly happy with ourselves.

There is a future!!!

we are both VERY hopeful that there will be a future between us. In fact we both feel closer than we have ever been. I would go as far as saying we are closer now than we were at the beginning and the biggest part of that is the fact that instead of ignoring issues, or just arguing over them. We have actually sat down and listened to each other, we’ve sat and discussed everything and where we feel things have changed, where we feel we have changed as people and we are looking to the future.

We are still split and we are still unsure of what the future holds but we are talking which is far more than we have been doing in the past. We are spending a lot of time as a family, laughing , enjoying each others company and being around the children without any pressures. I hope that once we have fixed ourselves as individuals that we can then become an incredible couple.


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