quitting smoking – this could be interesting

So the other day without anyone knowing I contacted the quit smoking clinic and booked myself an appointment, I have several reasons for wanting to quit but the main one being that recently I’ve been so run down and full of the flu and chest infections that I figured something has to give.

Not only is smoking bad for your health it is also extremely expensive and I just think that money could be better put to use for a car or a holiday for the kids.

I have never smoked in the house or around the kids but I am still aware that the smell is on my clothes and me and that they can get passive fumes from me despite smoking outside.

So I went to the clinic and met a guy called Ollie who is to be my quitting mentor, we talked through why previous attempts to quit had failed and how I wanted to proceed , it was very relaxed and laid back and at no point did he make me feel bad for the fact that I am a smoker, he actually gave me loads of lovely tips and made me feel at ease and not at any pressure.

If you’re at little dubious about going I would recommend you go they are very understanding and lovely (well most of them I did see someone previously who made me feel so awful I could have ripped her head off and in fact the only thing she achieved was making me want to go for a cig!)

I’ve now had my form put into the doctors for my prescription and I’m just waiting for my tablets then my journey will begin, I’ve given myself 7 days from the day I get my tablets till my quit day that way I know they will be fully in my system, I’ve used the tablets before and they’ve worked really well I actually quite for 7 months and only started again because of stupid reasons, this time I’m determined to quit and use the money on more worthwhile things after all we are planning a wedding 😉

wish me luck!

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