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I recently took to Instagram for a Q&A and during a live video YOU asked me the questions that you have often wondered about being the mother of a lot of children. I was a little disappointed with the turn out as I was genuinely really excited to hear what people who don’t know me personally, might want to know. Either about myself or the kiddies. Some of my family were there for support though and asked some questions that maybe you have wondered. Without further ado here is what I was asked.

Question Time

  1.  Who is your favourite child?I am asked this LOADS! I always have the same answer… NONE of them I dislike them all equally 😉 But on a serious note my favourite depends on the situation and who is behaving that day.
  2. What are your thoughts on Fandango? ( Fandango is Harry’s new hamster by the way)Its a hamster, that is EXTREMELY noisy at night time and smells. She’s quite cute though!
  3.  What’s it like knowing your child is 13?It’s very odd, I still feel mentally about 15. I giggle at really bad jokes and inappropriate things. How am I possibly going to be a mother of a teen? In fact I wrote about how I felt when he turned 13… why don’t you read I’m now officially a mum to a teenager! How on earth did that happen and see what I really felt.
  4. Do you think that Freddie and Bethie will grow up to be as close as Harry and Ellie or do you think they will be different due to their different personalities?Harry and Ellie are extremely close. As there is only a year and a week between them they have grown up almost like they are twins. They have completely different personalities but it doesn’t affect their closeness.
    I think (well I hope) Freddie and Bethie will be equally as close as Harry and Ellie are.
  5. Is it easy or hard having a big family?This really depends on the situation that we are in. If we want to go out for the day it can be a royal pain in the arse. It is extremely expensive especially when we don’t have a car at the moment so transport usually involves 2 taxis. A positive is that you are never alone, or lonely. Day or night there is always somebody around to talk, chat, have fun with.
  6. Do you find it easy or more challenging to deal with new babies and toddlers now than when you had the older ones?I can definitely feel the difference. With the older 2 I was much younger and found the whole thing a breeze. I didn’t really think about anything it just happened. I had way more energy. This time round I am a lot more tired and it takes a fair bit of effort to motivate myself. I think I have more patience now that I’m older though.
  7. Which of your children do you think are most like you?Ellie – Without a doubt, she looks a bit like me ( poor child I’m hoping she grows out of it) and we have a similar sense of humour. We actually made a video today about her new blackhead mask , you can see the similarities on there.
  8. Which of your children do you think are most like Gareth?Annabelle – Strangely they look alike despite the fact that Gareth is her Step-Father. They also bounce of each other and have a really fun relationship with loads of banter. Sadly Annabelle has lost her smile at the moment but some how Gareth manages to get her a little more lively 🙂
  9. What made you think about having 5 children?I honestly never thought that I would have so many. I grew up wanting maybe 2 or 3 but then I had a hard time conceiving so now I’m extremely grateful to have them all. I wrote up about it in My journey to become a mother.
  10. Do you feel like your blogging life is different from your personal life?No everything I blog about is relevant to the time that its written, so if I write about a day out with the family or my health condition . There is usually a reason I’ve written it. For example when I wrote the blog about my health condition it was a day I was particularly suffering with it.

    Got a burning question for us? 

If you want to ask us some questions and get some answers to things you have been wondering then feel free to leave it in the comments and I will answer it for you.
Thank you for reading my Q&A I hope you enjoyed reading




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