A proud mummy moment

Every now and then we get those moments where we have to revel in a moment of complete and utter proudness and the last few days I have done just that, My eldest daughter is 11 years old, she is the quietest of the bunch and to be quite honest you wouldn’t even realise she was here most of the time. But she hasn’t always been like that, let me start you from the beginning ….


On Saturday 30th April 2005 at 6:18am after an extremely fast labour a little princess was placed in my arms, Her name was a toss up between Bethani-Ann and Ellie-Jayne but the second I looked at her not so little face I knew she had to be Ellie-Jayne, she was a shock to the system I was so convinced I was going to have another little boy but here she was a little princess, I couldn’t wait to see the sweet, quiet beautiful cute little baby and toddler I she was going to turn into, I couldn’t have been more wrong if I’d have tried!


Don’t get me wrong she was definitely starting to grow into a beautiful little girl but she most definitely was not sweet or cute in fact she was the complete opposite, you see Jel (the name we call her) was a nightmare she did nothing but scream from the second she woke up till the minute she went to bed and if she wasn’t screaming she was kicking, if she wasn’t kicking then she was punching, if she wasn’t punching then she was biting and if she was biting then she was head banging and when I say head banging I don’t mean along to some rock music either I mean full-scale getting on her hands and knees and bashing her head off any surface possible, glass table- no problem, tiled floor – sure why not, concrete – call it a challenge, she didn’t care, it wouldn’t matter if she got a massive egg on her head it wouldn’t deter her it just seemed a bigger challenge for her, something wasn’t right!


The health professions were concerned that Jel may have had some sort of learning difficulties so put her through a series of tests, during this time I kept saying I thought that she couldn’t hear, I thought this because I could drop something and she wouldn’t react or I could call her name and she wouldn’t respond, but I was constantly told I was being silly or an overprotective parent or I was worrying about nothing, she couldn’t count, didn’t know her colours and the little things that her brother who was a year older had known by her age, people constantly told me to stop comparing her and that there was something wrong with her but I was so sure it was her ears!


After several health professionals telling me they thought that with she was very naughty or that it was some sort of special needs condition including possible Dyspraxia and even suggesting fitting her with an orthopaedic helmet I finally found a doctor that would listen to me and that tested her ears, he did a few simple tests and discovered that in fact I was right and my little girl could not hear!!! , her ears were so clogged up with mountains of wax that she couldn’t hear a thing, he suggested attempting to syringe them but due to her age that if she didn’t sit still they may have to put her to sleep to remove it, an appointment was booked and we went, I walked into the doctor’s surgery that day completely and utterly full of dread, you need to remember this was a girl whose behaviour was far from good! so I thought the second they went near her with the stuff she would go mad but she didn’t she sat there and let them do it, the amount of wax that came out was insane! But her face was something else when all of a sudden she could hear! she skipped out of the surgery a completely new girl, everything around her was amazing!


After that day she did not headbang EVER again, she didn’t kick, she didn’t scream, she didn’t bite, she didn’t pinch NOTHING! it was like I had walked in there with one child and out with another, the change in her was what can only be described as crazy! Before that day I can honestly say if anyone had have knocked on my door and offered to take her off my hands I would have seriously have considered taking them up on their offer, she was VERY hard work but now she was an absolute angel, she went from 18 months behind at school to 12 months ahead and even received a special award for doing it and so quickly. She was officially a ‘Star among stars’


At the age of 3 Jel had watched a programme on TV about children who were sick and had cancer and they had to have wigs to replace their own hair, she said to me, mummy I want to grow my hair so that I can have it cut and give it to those children, I thought it was a passing thing from a little girl but from that day she flatly refused to have her hair cut and in 2013 she decided the time was right, she asked me if she could do it so she sat and researched all about where she could donate her hair to and Annabelle her little sister decided that she would like to do it too, Jel asked her teachers if she could hold a fundraising event at the school and set to work arranging it, there were stalls for people to buy things and even the local paper got involved, Ellie and Annabelle got onto the stage and had their hair cut off, they raised almost £500 for the little princess trust in cash and both donated their hair to make wigs for children who had lost theirs. Was there anything this child couldn’t do?

So now we move forward to now, recently Ellie started senior school and is doing incredibly well she aced her SAT’s ( tests they sit at the end of primary school in the uk) with above average in everything and we discovered she had a particular talent for writing, she has recently started her own blog of short stories, and I find it incredible the things she comes up with and what the people who read it don’t realise is she will literally come up with an idea, sit at the pc for maybe half an hour then go finished and walk away again.
You can find her blog here Ellie’s Blog

So my proud mummy moment is that my daughter who it seemed that everything was against, who was so incredibly disruptive who was so far behind that she didn’t even know what the colour pink was managed to not only pull herself up to scratch but way beyond that and is growing into a beautiful, well-mannered incredibly intelligent and talented young lady with an ambition to become an author or an English teacher and do you know what? I know she will do it! … Well done Ellie-Jayne you are AMAZING!!!

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