Princess Bethini – The Great Escape Artist of the West Midlands

Now I know I am not alone when I have seen on Facebook or on the news how a young child has gotten out of the house and I’ve sat there and my first thought has been. Well where was the parents? Why weren’t they watching them? How did they manage to escape? 

Because unfortunately that’s what we do isn’t it? Our first instinct in any situation is to put our own judgement onto it. And I’m sure it isn’t always in a malicious way it’s just human nature.

Regardless of what the situation may be we all have our own ways of doing things and wonder how on earth certain situations can possibly happen in the first place. In fact just recently locally to me a couple of young children were found on a busy roundabout. My very first instinct was oh my god! How can this happen! Then I got off my high horse and started to think actually what if something has happened to their mother or father?

Maybe they have fallen and hurt themselves, gotten sick? Maybe their parents aren’t event the people taking care of them in the first place and whilst we are all sat judging them they might not even be to blame. Obviously there are cases where children are sadly neglected and in these instances we most definitely should report it as soon as possible but sometimes mistakes or incidents do happen even to those who are as careful as possible and this is why I am telling you now what happened yesterday.

The Great Bethini!

I was in the kitchen popping some washing on, Freddie was watching TV with Annabelle, Bethie was playing with her toys and the older 2 were still in bed. I had the music on in the kitchen as I often do when I am tidying up and I was singing away. Just a typical day in my house.

As I went to the washing basket which is next to the kitchen window, I happened to look up and spot a baby walking across the path, it took a couple of seconds to register that this wasn’t just any baby. It was MY baby! … Little Miss Bethie was outside in nothing but her tights and long sleeved vest happily toddling along in the rain! No clothes, no shoes and looking very smug!

I shouted ” Oh my god! Bethie is outside” and instantly ran out to fetch her. Which of course she found hilarious and started running. I caught her, picked her up told her she was a little monkey and took her back inside.

My heart was going ten to the dozen and I was so angry. Not at Bethie one little bit, She is a baby who wanted to explore. I was angry at myself for not locking the door. I ALWAYS keep the door locked, I had just forgotten to do it on this one occasion and she had managed to open it. I never in a million years thought that she would be able to open the door. Because 1, she is tiny 2, I always keep the door locked and 3, I have 2 front doors!

All it took was for me to forget this one time to lock the door and she was off. It really was that simple. I then spent the next couple of hours going through a million scenarios in my head.

What if I hadn’t have looked out of the window when I did? How far would she have got?

What if she had reached the end of that path? There is a car park there and a road!

What if somebody had snatched her?

What if she had fallen and hurt herself?

The amount of things I ran through in my head were unbelievable and trust me nobody in the world could have made me feel worse about the situation yesterday than I did myself. But do you know what else I realised?

Accidents happen, Mistakes happen and the truth of the matter is. I did look out of the window. I spotted her within seconds of her leaving the house. Yes I forgot to lock the door but does that make me a bad Mum? No it doesn’t. It makes me human! The second I got her back in the house I locked the door and put a note on it stating the door needs to remain locked at all times.

So now when I read these things I for one won’t be so quick to judge because it literally takes 2 seconds of not having your eye on a child for them to make their escape. As for the great Bethini … For now her plans for escape will have to wait a while longer, this Mummy has the door firmly locked!


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