Annabelles first day at her new school

You will have to forgive the featured image .. I have to point out this is not how we sent her to school this is how she returned from her first day at her new school 🙂

We had a little bit of a battle to get her into the school that we wanted . The school we chosen is quite a small school and their ofsted report was mainly ‘outstanding’ so it’s quite difficult to get transferred into. However I persevered and eventually after they held a meeting we got her in! Continue reading “Annabelles first day at her new school”

The middle child

Now being a mum of 5 children means that obviously we have a middle child, and as with all families of more than 1 or 2 children there is bound to be ‘the middle child’. This child is usually known to be a little bit lost. This is thought to be because the first child is more prone to receive privileges and responsibilities and the younger child in the baby so is usually smothered with attention. Continue reading “The middle child”


You know what drives me nuts about school?? bloody head lice!!!

1 day , 1 little day they’ve been back and I’ve had to go through Annabelles hair, don’t get me wrong you can’t avoid them and trust me when I say your child WILL 150% get them at some point during school life and the first time you will freak out, blame yourself, wonder if you have washed their hair enough, if your kid isnt looked after properly and think you are in fact the worst parent in the world. Let me stop you right there YOU ARE NOT! Continue reading “Headlice!!!!!”