Prestige Flowers Delivered to your door – Review

I was lucky enough recently to be asked if I would like to work with the lovely Prestige Flowers of course I am going to say yes. Especially if it means I get treated to something nice. Who doesn’t love to receive flowers?

It was a Thursday morning, everybody and I mean everybody had woken up absolutely stuffed full of a cold. I’m not going to deny it I was feeling really sorry for myself. Trying to look after 5 poorly children when you’re not very well and just want to climb into bed yourself is very hard work.

As I was sat there contemplating how I was going to make the day a little better the door knocked. I opened it to find a parcel. It was a beautiful box and had Prestige Flowers written across it. It was only in that moment that I remembered that I had been asked if I would like to review them and I was excited to see what was inside.


Opening the box

When I opened the box my instant thought was WOW! Now if you are a follower of my blog or know me personally then you will know my favourite thing in the world ever is Christmas. Now imagine my delight at opening a box and finding a bouquet of roses that looked extremely Christmassy. They were absolutely beautiful. I can honestly say I’ve had flowers delivered a few times before and they’ve been very lovely but these were just beautiful. The roses had berries tucked in with them and a lovely silver string in a pattern across the top.

As I looked further into the box I discovered a cute little box of truffles too. Bonus! I’m not a chocolate fan to be honest I’m more of a crisp person but with everyone being poorly those chocolates were very welcomed.

I didn’t want the flowers to get spoilt from the arrangement they were already in so I took a jar and wrapped some string around it before placing the flowers inside with the food that was provided.

Not only did they provide the food that helps to keep your flowers looking fantastic but they also provided a small leaflet describing how to look after your flowers. Trust me I need this I am absolutely useless at looking after flowers. There was also a couple of vouchers for money off future purchases. After searching through the website I discovered they do flowers for all occasions , From birthdays to sympathy, Get well soon to Romantic gestures they really do have something for everyone.

Overall thoughts

Everything from the timing of the delivery to the arrangement of the flowers was perfect. I was so happy when they came looking Christmassy , it was like they were perfectly chosen for me.

The flowers remained fresh for over a week which in my experience is far longer than others that I have received. I will definitely be buying from Prestige in future and recommending them to my friends.

** I was given flowers from Prestige in exchange for a full and honest review. All thoughts and feelings are my own. 

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