preparing to say goodbye to my ability to become a mother

As soon as I had Beth I knew that my time of pregnancy and labour was at an end. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore the feeling of being pregnant. I mean let’s face it if I didn’t I wouldn’t have 5 kids!  I can’t even complain about labour I’ve had it pretty easy with every single one but I just knew my family was complete , so as the placenta was making its very elegant (OK OK we all know it’s gross) appearance I asked the all important question… can I be sterilised please?


The midwife chuckled and asked me a few questions including whether or not Gareth would rather be done. Unfortunately due to his age (33) and the fact only 2 of the children are biologically his we were told he wouldn’t get the go ahead. It was decided that if I went to the GP I would be referred.

Beth’s pregnancy felt different to all the others I just didn’t enjoy it as much? Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed it but I just felt a lot older and unable to deal with the things. Lack of sleep from being uncomfortable and my back oh my word did that bloomin kill. These old bones just aren’t prepared for carrying anymore babies!


So I went to the gp who agreed that I could be referred to be sterilised woohoo!

I was originally booked in for my first appointment just before Christmas however on the day of the appointment the whole house was struck down with the dreaded sickness bug so I had to cancel. I’m booked back in for next week!

I would love to tell you that I’m sad that I won’t be able to have anymore children. That I won’t feel a baby kick inside me again,I won’t get to experience labour one last time. But I can’t because quite honestly I’m too old and shattered to do it all EVER again.

I’m not sure how long I will wait from the appointent next week till the actual operation but one thing I am very sure of is I’m looking forward to it and enjoying life without fear of becoming  pregnant again

Now I can look forward to grandchildren to spoil (but not for at least another 16 ish years yeah guys?)

I can’t wait to say goodbye to my baby making days which is insane seen as I was told I was pretty much infertile and wouldn’t have children, what a funny old world it is!

I have now had the procedure done and you can read about it HERE

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