Potty training has started AGAIN!!!

Freddie turned 3 in July and STILL isn’t potty trained this is because of us moving home at the beginning of the year. Before we moved he was almost fully trained.  This time I’ve been a sneaky mummy and made him think it is completely his own idea.  We were talking about nappies and how nappies are for babies and big boys wear pants. He then had his nappy changed and I asked him if he wanted a new nappy or pants and he chose pants because he is a big boy!

Reward charts aren’t for us

We have previously tried reward charts for different situations including his behaviour and they work fantastic for a few days and then he gets fed up, bored with them and they no longer keep him engaged so this time I am going with the treat approach.

If he has a wee/poo then he can have a treat, thankfully he is a fruit bat and absolutely loves every fruit in the world so the idea of getting strawberries for a wee is very appealing to him.

Today is the first day and touch wood so far no accidents but I am sure that we will have it nailed before he goes back to nursery in September.

Have you potty trained? Do you have any tips that you’d like to share… below you will find my list of tips that I found useful when potty training my brood.

  1.  Don’t put on too much pressure, if they don’t want to do it then don’t force them they will all do it eventually, I’ve never met an 18-year-old in a nappy.
  2. You are not a bad parent if your child is almost 4 and not trained. All children are different and develop at different rates. Annabelle was trained VERY young as was Ellie but my boys took a little long, In fact Ellie was trained young then had a kind of relapse and wasn’t interested again until she was 3 and a half!
  3. Reward charts DO work for some children. I know some parents that have used a very successful chart where they get so many stars for a wee and so many for a poo and once they’ve collected 10 or 20 they get a toy from the shop and this has worked absolutely brilliantly for them.
  4.  Distract them. Some children hate the potty with a passion. Try reading them a book or singing nursery rhymes whilst they’re on the toilet to take their mind off it. Failing that go straight to the toilet ( 2 of mine went straight to the toilet and weren’t interested in the potty)
  5. Try not to emphasise so much when they have accidents, yes it can be frustrating but toddlers respond very well to praise, attention and excitement so if you make more of a big deal over the fact they’ve used the potty/toilet than you do when they have an accident they will learn the attention is there more when they do good.
  6.  Don’t waste your money on big expensive potty’s they use them for such a short time there really is no need, Not sure about you but my toilet doesn’t sing or dance or play me a tune when I wee 😉

Thank you for reading and good luck Freddie!!!

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