Post pregnancy hair loss and the internal affect it has

I thought I would write about something that is really affecting my life at the moment, losing my hair and the reason I chose to speak about it is because I know there are a lot of ladies who go through this and how damaging it can be to your self esteem.

I have suffered from hair loss after all of my pregnancies and in general it has been ok, luckily I’ve had long and thick hair so people haven’t noticed … that is until this time. As well as post partum it is also one of the side effects of my medication , so this is something that has been affecting me massively at the moment so much so I have taken the decision not to take my medication for a while until the post pregnancy hair loss was minimal , Unfortunately this has had very little effect and it is still coming out dramatically.

Something alot of people don’t realise about me is I suffer from very low self-esteem and there are only 2 things that I truly like about myself one being my boobs (yes my boobs) and the other being my long thick shiny good condition hair. So for me to go from that hair to bald patches everywhere and regrowth has had a huge effect and knocked my confidence dramatically, in fact it has affected me so badly now that most of the time when I take a photo of myself I add a filter with something over the top of my hair so that people can’t notice.

There are a few occasions where I struggle to deal with it where people dont even notice for example

  • when I empty the hoover and 2 days later it needs emptying again because it is completely clogged up with my hair.
  • when I’m washing the dishes and find hair trapped in the sponge
  • when I’m changing Beth’s nappy and find a hair
  • when I’m washing my hair and huge clumps come out

All of these things have a big knock on effect with my confidence and I am really struggling to deal with how badly it is coming out.

Today we went for a lovely family trip to the park , we took loads of pictures however I avoided posting a couple of them on my Facebook as my hair is so bad in them and it’s so obvious that I am losing it, but I’m going to put on my big girl pants and share this picture with you all now.

we are getting married at the end of the year and I am so terrified that I will be bald by then , I’ve dreamed of having my long hair in a certain style and the thought of having none at all fills me with fear.

I just wanted to post to let anyone else who is suffering from this know that you are not alone, I fully understand how you are feeling and just because on the outside I look happy it doesn’t mean that I am this thing that seems so simple to others and that I’m aware others deal with for far more serious  reasons is slowly but surely destroying any little bit of confidence I have left in myself.

If you see me please don’t point it out I know it’s there and I am hoping the regrowth is a good sign that it may be calming down now x

6 thoughts on “Post pregnancy hair loss and the internal affect it has

  1. Thank you for sharing this.
    This is my third time experiencing hair loss after pregnancy.
    By the handful when I wash my hair and even when I brush it before I get in the shower.
    Your open and honest. By speaking out, I feel other new mum’s might experience relief like I did.
    Enjoying knowing that I’m not alone.

  2. Thank you for the positive feedback, the reason I wanted to share was so that people would see that they aren’t alone , I know how much it affects me and I figured others would be feeling the same
    feel free to message me on Facebook at anytime if you would like to chat even if it’s just to vent about your frustration over it , you’re not alone xx

  3. I have this issue Cheryl but it’s not as bad. I put off dying my hair for almost a year due to it just falling out in my hands but it’s seemed to calm down a bit. One thing that helped me was switching shampoo and conditioner all of the time – never use the same one after a bottle is finished – and find a really good soft brush. You look amazing in your photo so don’t worry 💖

  4. this is really true.. i though that i will not get my hair back.. i was really worried about it.. lucky i have my granny do something about it lol.. you know oldies has classic way!.. anyways you have great blog and i enjoy reading it!cheers!!

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