Pondicherry Indian Restaurant Ironbridge – Family Meal & Review

We are extremely lucky in the fact that we live literally 5 minutes away from the Ironbridge. I still find it fascinating that people come from all over the world to look at our little bridge but it is incredibly beautiful down there.  We had noticed that one of the well-known restaurants had been given a lot of stick recently so wanted to go to try it out for ourselves. Despite the fact they had a lower rating, Our family and friends all said how much they loved to dine there and how amazing their food was so we decided to go and check out the Pondicherry restaurant for ourselves.

our experience

We made our way from the car park across the road to the restaurant which actually used to be a police station. We walked into the building and was greeted by a nice young gentleman who was dressed smartly and extremely polite. He showed us to a side room that was absolutely beautiful with a couple of tables and a fireplace before asking if we would like any drink whilst we waited for our table. We said we would just wait and it wasn’t long at all before he came back to ask us to follow him to our seats.

I noticed that there was both an upstairs and a downstairs to the restaurant and it turns out that the downstairs are the old police cells and are available to hire for private functions. I was secretly a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see them but never the less we were led up the stairs to the restaurant area. The stairs leading up to the restaurant were quite steep and tricky for Freddie ( our 3-year-old) to walk up.

Our table was situated in a little side alcove and was lovely and private meaning that we were a little less conscious of the noise that the smaller children were making. It was past their bedtime so they didn’t really like being out of the house meaning for a mischievous Freddie climbing on the seats ( despite being told a hundred times to get down ) and a tired and grumpy baby who just wanted to go to bed.

We were handed some poppadoms and sauces to enjoy whilst we looked through the menu and made our choices.


The waiter came over and took our drinks order before returning and asking for our order. The poor guy had been sent away a couple of times due to us trying to contain the little ones but eventually we were ready to order. We decided against ordering for the younger 3. Bethie was quite happy munching on her poppadoms , Freddie could eat some of ours and Annabelle is very fussy and would only eat the salad


Ellie & I both chose the Chicken Pakora, We have eaten this several times from takeaways so knew that we both liked it. I thought mine was delicious , sometimes when I have had Pakora I’ve found it to be a little dry however this was cooked perfectly, the sauce that came with it was also tasty. I was pleasantly surprised to see fruit in with the salad. This isn’t something I have seen before so the grapes and kiwi were a nice surprising touch.  Ellie said she thought it was really nommy ( nommy is good for those who don’t speak Ellie) She also thought it was a nice spice, not too spicy but the flavour was there, she also liked the fact that there was fruit in the salad.

Harry chose the Spicy Chicken Chat,  He enjoyed it however was a little shocked that it came on a bone as every other time he has had Chicken Chat it has come as smaller pieces. He is not a big fan of chicken on the bone so was a little bit disappointed, the flavours were great but he felt there wasn’t a lot of chicken on there.

Gareth chose the Tikka Murgh ” It is the best starter I have ever had ” Gareth thought the chicken was cooked perfect, it wasn’t dry and the flavours were incredible. The mushrooms were delicious , the flavours were so nice you couldn’t even tell that you were eating mushrooms.

We all tasted each others starters and Freddie ate his body weight in chicken. He couldn’t get enough.

Top Left: Chicken Chat
Top Right : Tikka Murgh
Bottom : Chicken Pakora


Our waiter arrived to remove the plates and asked if we would like to take a break between our starters and our mains but as Bethie was still incredibly grumpy we decided that we should continue with our meal straight away.

Harry & Ellie chose the Chicken Tikka Masala , ” Delicious & Amazing, I loved the pyramid rice and the flavours although I wasn’t so sure on the texture ” Said Harry.
Ellie said ” It tasted nice with very strong flavours, the naan bread was extremely nice and the rice tasted very fresh ”

Annabelle chose the Tandoori Chicken Tikka which came out on a sizzling platter. I was actually really impressed that the waiter made sure that it was a safe distance from her and also opened the window next to Annabelle so that she wasn’t covered in the smoke from the sizzling plate. She said ” It wasn’t too spicy but had a nice spice. I liked the curry sauce with the chips and made a chip butty with the naan bread, chips and curry sauce.  The salad was fresh”

I chose the Murgh Makhani and when ordering my meal I asked the waiter to check with the chefs if it contained coconut ( I have a mild allergy) the waiter returned stating that they do use coconut powder however they could leave it out from my meal but it would leave my sauce a little less thick. I was actually really impressed with this as it just shows how fresh the meals were if they were able to do that. My meal was creamy and extremely tasty. The chips were fresh and homemade which makes a nice change from the frozen chips you are normally presented with. The naan bread was possibly the best naan bread I have ever had and I have had lots of naan bread!

Gareth chose the Karachi Chilli Chicken, when I asked him what he thought of his meal he said “I had the chill chicken, everything on the plate looked amazing, the chicken was tender with the right amount of kick to it with the rice being light and flavourful. Nom nom nom ”

Picture of main meals
Top left : Chicken Tikka Masala
Top Right: Tandoori Chicken Tikka
Bottom Left : Murgh Mahkani
Bottom Right : Karachi Chilli Chicken

Overall thoughts

We loved the fact that it was a transformed old police station and it gave the restaurant a real exciting character. The staff were very attentive and checked regularly to see if everything was OK with our meals without being invasive. The restaurant itself was clean and tidy and the food looked and tasted very fresh.

I would happily return and eat there again and would definitely recommend it to friends and family so if you are staying in Ironbridge check it out. However I wouldn’t choose to take the children again but this is due to the time it opens and nothing to do with the service we received with them being there. It is a little more pricey than what we would normally pay but I think the price is reflected in the freshness of the food and the fantastic customer service.

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