Parents evening – Proud Mummy Moment

Tonight was one of those love to hate Mummy moments, It was Ellie’s parents evening. Now the reason I say love to hate is because I love the fact that I get to go and speak to all of the teachers, find out how my children are progressing and get feedback on anything that I can do to help them. However what I don’t love is the way they seem to space out the appointments in such a way that I seem to be at the school for longer than my kids are in a normal school day.

We left the house at 5:15 and didn’t get back in until 7:30, this wouldn’t be so bad but in all of that time we only actually managed to get to speak about 5 subjects. I was slightly disappointed about this as Ellie takes many more than this.

Some were completely booked up with appointments so Ellie was unable to get an appointment in the first place and others were running over by around 25 minutes meaning that if we had waited around then I would have missed my other appointments.

I understand that teachers have a lot of pupils to get through and that like many professions it’s almost impossible to get through everyone dead on time but surely they should at least A, Make enough appointments available for ALL pupils in the first place and B, Make it span over 2 days instead of 1 if they can’t possibly fit everyone in within the time frame.  Anyway now that my moan is over I would love to share with you what was said.


We were politely greeted by 2 teachers before they asked Ellie how she thought she was doing. I like the fact they do this. It gives the pupils a chance to say how they feel before the teachers give their feedback. Ellie stated she felt she was doing “OK” which seemed to surprise her teacher. The teacher then asked about her written work where Ellie explained how she felt that maybe she could try a little harder when it came to this.

Her teacher agreed stating that whilst her work was of a very high standard sometimes she needs to add a little more of an explanation to her work and that sometimes adding a little because can make it a lot more substantial.

Both of the teachers were eager to find out if Ellie was planning on taking history as a GCSE and we thrilled when she said that she was. They explained that the level of her work and the grades that she is receiving both in class and in exams they felt she would do very well in GCSE level history and how impressed they were at how well she had coped moving up into the highest set and keeping up with the rest of the class.


As we approached the Maths teacher he jokingly said ” Oh no, this is the child I’ve been dreading all night, she’s awful” . We then had a little joke about how he should possibly place her in a permanent detention due to her awful behaviour before he told me how incredible her level of work is. He said her approach to her work was fantastic and her knowledge was amazing. She is always one of the first to answer any questions and is always correct. Her test results speak for themselves and he has no doubt that she will do brilliantly in her GCSE’s.

He mentioned how some students start off at a high level and then drop as time goes by but Ellie hasn’t done that and instead has continued to just increase. He has no concerns what so ever for her and sees her having a very bright future.


This teacher was somebody who I was eager to speak to as after the recent exam week Ellie had lost a lot of confidence when it came to English. Her ambitions for a long time now have been to become either an English teacher or an author. The marks from her last test made no sense when compared to previous test results and had really knocked her and made her question herself and the choices she wanted to make for the future. So I decided to question the teacher about them. I am glad I did because it turned out there was a reason for the lower grade and actually despite it looking to us like her grade was lower she was already achieving a grade equivalent to a normal year 10 but the way the new levels are worked out it just looked worse than it is. The teacher explained to us that because Ellie is generally a very quiet girl and she had only actually taught her for 6 weeks ( during this time Ellie had quite a lot of time off with her thumb) she hadn’t had the opportunity to really get to know Ellie or how she works. Instead she had a piece of paper and a very quiet girl who didn’t really speak to base her marking on.

She explained to us that already before they even retest her they know her result would be much higher as she has now had the opportunity to see her work and the quality of her work much better and gotten to know more about her as a person.

Ellie walked away feeling a lot more confident and positive about her work and her capabilities.


The drama teacher was in fact the same teacher as for English and she said she wishes she had seen the same Ellie in English as she had in drama because over the last few weeks she has really seen her come out of her shell and her personality develop. She believes that taking drama for GCSE would be fantastic for her as not only is she very good at it and would achieve a great result and grade but she would also be able to build on her confidence from it to. As a person naturally Jel is a very quiet person. She is definitely the quietest of my 5 children and most of the time we don’t know we have her, well until she opens a can of preteen hormones on us anyway 😉 A far cry from the toddler I remember! During her drama lessons her teacher has noticed her flourish and a different side to her personality and expressed how nice it was to see that side to her. She was very impressed with the skills that she has and how she presents herself.


We waited around for a very long time to see the science teacher but unfortunately we had to leave as we were extremely late for our art appointment and as art is one of the subjects that Ellie is most interested in taking as a GCSE she was eager that we didn’t miss it. After waiting 25 minutes past our appointment time we decided to leave it and ask the teacher to email me the details through instead.


I don’t think in all of the parents evenings I have been to ( and with 5 children I have been to a fair few) I have ever seen a teacher more excited to see me than Ellie’s art teacher.

She couldn’t get me into the classroom quick enough to start telling me how amazing my daughter was and how proud she was of all of Ellie’s work. She was eager to tell me how incredible she thought my daughter was and how much she had developed in the short time she has been at the school. She asked Ellie if she was planning on taking art as a GCSE and when Ellie replied yes I genuinely thought for a split second she was going to jump over the desk and kiss her!

We were shown different examples of the GCSE work and what kind of things they would be expected to do and then I mentioned that Ellie had her own Instagram art account to which the teacher excitedly wanted to see.

After looking at her pictures on Instagram she gave Ellie advice on some books she could collect from the works to help her with the detailing and outlines of her work and sent us on our merry little way.

Another parents evening over

As I walked down the steps and out of the school reflecting over what had been said to me I couldn’t help but feel a massive sense of pride. As with any parent regardless of what those teachers had said to me tonight I would have been proud, but I was even more proud because Ellie has worked so incredibly hard to get herself to this point. I remember her starting school miles behind everyone else. Not even knowing colours, struggling with simple things like reading whilst everyone else was miles ahead and now look at her!

I watch as she turns into this incredible , amazing , intelligent young lady and all I have to say is






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