Our YouTube Videos

So we have slightly ventured into the world of YouTube. Apparently it’s what all the cool kids do and my elder 2 thought it would be amazing if I went on there too. Why on Earth they would want my face on there is beyond me. I’ve got a face fit for radio!

Please don’t expect crisp images, clever ideas and anything spectacular. Unfortunately I often think I’m funny and automatically think other people will find it funny too. I have a very odd sense of humour so stuff that makes me really chuckle probably wouldn’t make most people laugh.

Anyway we have quite a few videos on there now so check them out!

Bruno Mars Parody – I really need a loo I had done a couple of other parodies that to be honest were awful and seen as parodies seem to be the thing at the moment. I’ve tried my hand at doing something a little different. All parodies seem to be very much the same so I am hoping you find mine a touch different from the rest and enjoy it.

I caught him singing So Gareth was wondering round the kitchen ( something he does quite often) and singing along to our new best friend Alexa and I stood like I was looking on Twitter or Facebook ( like I normally do) and filmed him. I wish I had left it filming them extra few seconds where you hear him go “What the hell are you filming me for!” hahaha

Fidget spinner trick of the year  We asked Harry to watch Bethie whilst we were getting Freddie sorted for bed and he thought it would be a genius idea to balance a fidget spinner on her head! … we thought it was hilarious so uploading it to the tube of you. This video has been EXTREMELY popular and as such can I ask that if you would like to use this video in anyway then please contact licensing@break.com to discuss.

Expectations Vs Reality cheap ebay dresses for girls I had seen loads of videos of very slim, pretty late teen early 20’s girls doing these videos and realised I hadn’t seen any with a little girl doing them so wanted to do our own version of it. I especially like when we get to the last dress and little miss Annabelle nearly falls flat on her arse!

#Mumlife Raw Tag I actually saw 3 princesses and 1 dudes video doing this and thought it looked like a good thing to do. I’m trying hard to get to know other blogging mums so figured it would be a good way of sliding myself in there. What I didn’t know till afterwards was that raw means no editing ( doh!) Harry decided to inform me AFTERWARDS!

We also have a little series on there called Annabelle Reviews Where Annabelle reviews all different items this is quite new so there are only a few things on there but still she shows us what she thinks of different items. If you would like Annabelle to review something for you then please get in touch Admin@mummyof5miracles.com

Our channel is quite new and we’ve only just started to actually make videos that might be worth watching but we would really appreciate it if you could nip over and click the subsribe button. I wont be uploading crazy amounts but enough to keep you occupied, also if you find a video you like please give us a thumbs up so we know that you’re enjoying what we do