Our Valentines day 2017

We all know that valentine’s day is a day for couples to show their love for one an another and this year I wanted ours to be extra special. Recently myself and Gareth have gone through a few tough times and as a result our wedding kept getting sidetracked and wasn’t happening so I decided I would surprise him with a very special video as one of his valentines gifts from me , you can watch my video HERE 🙂

Once you’ve watched the video the rest will make sense, basically he watched the video and said YES! So we spent most of the afternoon planning things, making enquiries and writing the world’s supply of lists! , We had already decided earlier in the week that this year we were going to make valentines special for the kids too and so we decided to surprise them with a 3 course meal and a waiter/waitress service, we laid the table out for them and then called them in, their faces were a picture


We started off with Tomato soup served with a fresh hot bread roll and butter, a tiny sprinkling of herbs and pepper to finish it off. They wolfed it down and were very impressed with our ‘restaurant’.
For mains we served them chicken and cauliflower curry served with poppadoms , naan bread and potato croquettes ( the croquettes were a last-minute thing because this baby brained mother forgot to get the rice with the shopping! )

We finished the meal off with ice-cream topped with malteasers, malteasers bar, ferroro rocher and chocolate sprinkles. It’s safe to say that the kids absolutely loved being waited on hand and foot and appreciated the effort that was made for them.
Who says that valentines only has to be for the adults eh?

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