Bullying – Our mission to help the campaign and Harry’s story

Our Mission

After watching This Morning launch their campaign against bullying with the hashtag #BeKind. We decided we would like to try to help. I have suffered bullying myself and know just how worthless it can make you feel so this was something extremely close to my heart.

I spoke to my son Harry who has also had a tough time with bullying and asked him if he wanted to share his story to try to help others. He thought it was a fantastic idea. Our mission was to tell Harry’s story and let people know that no matter what they should never feel alone. There is always somebody who will listen to you.

Harry’s Story

Harry has always been a well liked person and had many friends however, when he made the transition from Junior school to senior school things changed. Harry went from being a very popular member of year 6 to an extremely unpopular year 7.

The transition from junior to senior is daunting enough without then having to face bullies!  In the very first week Harry encountered his first experience of bullying. He has always had a nervous twitch ever since he was small. In fact I took him to the doctors about it when he was younger as I was worried he may have something medically wrong with him. The twitches that he gets can vary and at this particular time in involved kicking his leg up.

Because of him kicking his leg up people began to call him ‘ Hard Harry’ and started making his life difficult. In fact it became that bad that he was hiding behind lockers during break and lunch so that he didn’t have to face anyone. And do you know what? we didn’t have a clue! Everyday Harry would come home from school telling us he had a great day that was until one day we asked and he had a different answer. Instead of saying his usual yes it was great Harry sat on the sofa and broke down.

He told us that he was having difficulties at school but he didn’t know what to do anymore. We immediately removed him from the school and started to make appointments with the teachers to try to make things easier for him.  I was not and never will be willing for my child to go through what I had at school.

You can hear Harry’s story and what he has to say in our youtube video HERE

Our Hopes

We hope that by Harry being very brave, speaking out and telling his story, he will be able inspire anybody else out there to speak out if they are having trouble.  Everybody needs to know that they are not alone and no matter how bad it seems  and how hard it is there is always someone to help.

Harry would really appreciate it if you could share this post and the youtube video with your family and friends and help us to try to help others.

Thank you


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