NO NITS! I’ve finally cracked the whole headlice thing!

You will have noticed that I quite often post about head lice, This is because with 2 of my girls having extremely long and thick hair (like their mother) we are constantly in a battle against the little blighter’s. I even thought that I had discovered the wonderful baby oil trick and it would work forever, Well I’ve cracked it! I mean like properly cracked it we haven’t had a single one in over 3 weeks! I know you’re dying to know how , whats the big secret? 

What methods are available.

Now here is where I am going to be brutally honest, I have tried everything short of dousing the kid’s hair in something flammable and absolutely nothing at all has completely 100% worked.

I’ve put vinegar on their hair, sprayed them with tea tree oil, used Hedrin, Full Marks, Vamousse. I’ve even spent hours and hours sat down with the world’s supply of toilet roll, a huge bottle of conditioner and a nitty-gritty comb. NONE and I mean NONE of the treatments I’ve tried have fully 100% worked. They have all been great for the initial getting rid of the live lice but when it comes to the eggs none have really completely worked.

There is never enough in the bottle to do the follow on treatment. So 1 bottle will do one of our hair and possibly one of the boys. I will leave it to you to figure out how much that then costs us for 1 treatment for all 7 of us, let alone for a follow on treatment the following week.

I’ve seen combs that electrocute the little mites , tipping coke on your hair, smothering with mayonnaise. None of which have worked.

So how did I do it?


I mentioned in my Hedrin review that they had bought out a stubborn egg removal kit and how it was amazing right? Well this is what happened. I got some Full Marks and drowned everyone’s hair in it. ( 7 of us means a lot of greasy hair to treat!) , then I used Fairy ( other washing up brands are available) instead of shampoo to wash out all of the grease. I then covered their hair in the egg removal cream before sitting down armed with my nitty-gritty comb and tissue and spent HOURS and I mean HOURS going through every single bit of hair until I could no longer see a single thing.

Then every single day without fail as I was brushing Annabelles hair I went through it with the nitty-gritty comb, no conditioner, no treatments just the comb. I have continued to do this every single morning and we haven’t even had a single sneaky one appear.

So it seems the actual secret to a head lice free house is actually just taking 5 minutes of your day quickly running the comb through their hair, therefore stopping anything before it can even begin!

I was ALWAYS doing the girl’s hair, every Sunday was always hours spent with the comb, every Weds we would do the same, the poor girls would sit there for hours and hours when in actual fact all that was needed was a quick 5 minute go through with a decent head lice comb everyday when brushing and plaiting hair for school!

I haven’t plastered their hair in tea tree, hairspray or anything else ( although I have used the protect & go by Hedrin every other day) Give it a go, I promise that initial hours and hours of sitting there pain staking removing every single egg is worth it to not have to watch your child scratching all the time.

As a mum I try my best to do the best I can to keep them happy and healthy and head lice was definitely something I couldn’t crack so I can now breathe a little sigh of relief knowing that my kids have gorgeous and clean hair.

P.S To all the parents out there who don’t check their kid’s hair or treat it, you should be ashamed of yourselves! It is cruel to leave a child suffering. You wouldn’t like the feeling of a thousand ants crawling over you so why would you let your child deal with that? If more parents stopped being lazy and actually treated their kids it wouldn’t be an issue in the first place! *rant over*

** This post ISN’T sponsored by anyone, it’s simply a helping hand from one frustrated parent to another. I am sick of my kids suffering because other people don’t treat their kids and I’m sure I’m not the only one.



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