Do your children have nicknames and why did you give them their birth names?

I very rarely call any of my children by their birth names and in fact I have a nickname for all of them. I thought today I’d share them with you all and tell you where they came from. It will also help when you’re reading my blog and I accidently use their nicknames instead of their real names because at least you’ll know who I’m talking about. I’m also going to share how I came up with their birth names.


Harry James Paul ( Harribo)

Harry was my first born son and in fact for a very long time he was going to be called Dominic. There was no reason for the name Dominic other than I really liked the name. A few weeks before I gave birth to him I changed my name and suddenly didn’t like Dominic anymore.

One day I sat up in bed and went Harry! That’s what I will call the baby if it’s a boy ( It was a surprise so I had no idea of his sex) It wasn’t until a couple of weeks later I remembered that my Grandads name was actually Harry. ( I blame the pregnancy hormones)

His nickname is Harribo , Obviously this came from the sweets although for a while he was known as my little fatty. You would never believe it now but he was a proper little chunk when he was a baby.

Harry’s middle names are James and Paul . James was his great grandads middle name and Paul is my big brothers name.


My teenage daughter Ellie
Ellie-Jayne ( Jel)

When I was pregnant with Ellie again I had no idea what her sex was. I had actually picked 2 names that I loved for her. One was Bethani-Ann . The Bethanie was an extension of Elizabeth ( my mums name) and the Ann was from both myself and my mum. My mum preferred to be called Ann and my middle name is Ann.

Ellie-Jayne was also an extension of my mums name ( Elizabeth) and she has 2 Auntie Emmas both of which have the name Jayne as their middle name. I love double barrelled names and thought these names sounded beautiful together.

I now call her Jel which is a shortened version of Jelly. When she was a toddler we had a little rhyme we would say together. She would finish off the sentences and it would end with a giggle and me tickling her. It went.

Her name is ( Ellie )
She is very ( Smelly)
She’s got a fat ( Belly)
That wobbles like ( Jelly)
at this point I would tickle her.

The Jelly part just stuck!


Annabelle Rose ( Rosie)

Annabelle is the only one of my children who isn’t named after anybody at all. I was really struggling for girls names ( I again didn’t know her sex) One day we were driving in the car and her Dad suddenly said to me ” What do you think of the name Annabelle” I fell in love with the name and immediately said it goes lovely with the name Rose. So she became Annabelle Rose , her name was supposed to be double-barrelled but a mix up when her birth was registered meant that the Rose part became her middle name.

Her nickname is Rosie, which comes from the Rose in her name. My brother and sister in law now have a daughter called Rose so when Annabelle hears the name Rose or Rosie she automatically thinks someone is calling her. It’s really strange because nobody EVER calls her anything other than Annabelle. Noone calls her Anna or Belle which I thought they would. Just me and the name Rosie. She’s also known as Madam Stink. For no reason at all but it was the nickname that Gareth gave her when he came into her life when she was a toddler.


Freddie Robert ( Bear)

Freddie was going to be called Matthew for ages ( we knew he was a boy) then as we got closer we had talked ourselves out of it. We really struggled to pick a name so decided to write a list each of 10 names that we liked.

We then crossed off all of the names that we hadn’t both had on our list which left about 5 names that we had written the same. We whittled them down to 2 names Toby and Freddie. Both of which I absolutely loved. As he was Gareth’s first baby I decided to let him have the ultimate choice and he chose Freddie. His middle name is Robert named after Gareth’s Dad & Brother ( both called Robert) and my Grandad.

Freddie’s nickname is Bear. When he was born I would call him my little Freddie Bear ( Instead of Teddy bear) and then it shortened to Bear and just stuck.

Elizabeth – Ann

Elizabeth-Ann ( Bethie/Babba)

Elizabeth-Ann is named completely after my mum. I knew she was to be my last baby and I knew that she was a girl. My mum had been very sick during her pregnancy with many scary hospital visits. It just felt right that I would name my final daughter after my mum as I knew that she wasn’t going to be around much longer. My mum’s name is Elizabeth Ann so I just added the hyphen in it. Again my middle name is Ann so that is where the Ann is also from.

Elizabeth is very rarely called Elizabeth. In fact it’s only when she is up to mischief (which is a lot so she does know it’s her actual name) we call her Bethie or Babba. Bethie is short for the Beth part of her name. I really didn’t want her to be known as Lizzie or Liz which is what most Elizabeth’s are shortened to and wanted to emphasise the Beth part of her name.

Babba is because she is the youngest and final baby in my family¬† I was sterilised so there will be no more ( although ironic I needed to be sterilised after being told I couldn’t have children!)

So these are the names of my children, why they have those names and their nicknames. Tell me about your kids and their nicknames I’d love to hear the stories behind them

Thank you for reading




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