New Gym , New Me

There’s a new gym in town and I am super excited for it to open. A few months ago I signed up to this new and exciting gym coming soon to the centre of Telford and I won’t lie the only reason I chose it was because the price was so cheap!If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning you will have seen my motivation go to extreme then disappear then come back then disappear. There have been several reasons for this , One of which being money and just not being able to afford a gym membership particularly when many gyms are around £30 a month or more!

Now I should say before I continue, this isn’t sponsored at all. The gym haven’t asked me to write this I have just decided to talk a bit about why I’m so excited.

Lost my way

A few months ago I completely lost my way. Any confidence I had just vanished and the thought of even getting out of bed was too much. A year previous I was in a fantastic place, going to the gym almost everyday, eating healthy & drinking more water.

Chicken breast with salad vegetables
Time to get back to creating tasty meals

With the loss of my mum and other stressful situations in my life it was easier to just eat the takeaway, stay in my pjs and let it all slip away. Looking back now I can see how I really should have tried to force myself back into the gym but I had lost all motivation.

A particular incident at the gym had made me feel so embarrassed that I didn’t want to dare set foot in there again. I had gone to the gym as usual , handed in my card , had a fantastic session with my sister in law. Only when I went to collect my card back in front of a massive queue the lady behind the desk declared I had missed a payment.

Now I need to point out that before I went back into the gym on that day I had called and confirmed that my membership was up to date and still active as I hadn’t been for a while. I was assured that it was all active and that’s why I had gone in.

The embarrassment had led to me not wanting to go again and that was the last time I set foot in a gym, which was probably around a year ago. It was such a shame because I had found something I really enjoyed. It was addictive and kept my mind clear.

The gym is good for me in more ways than one

Obviously the health benefits of going to the gym are there but for me it was a whole lot more. I’m a little bit notorious for let things bubble up inside until they explode. Going to the gym helped me use that energy for fitness rather than to stress.

There was also the social aspect as a few of my friends and my sister in law had memberships so it was easy to find someone to go with.

And when there was nobody to go with? I had built the confidence with all of the machine to just walk in there alone and get on with it. I loved seeing the results on my fit bit after a good workout.

If I was feeling full of a cold I just went and sweated it out down the gym. If I just needed somewhere to vent out my frustrations I found a particular machine that I hated but used to take it out on 😉

walking to the gym
I used to walk to the gym every single day

Scales obsession

I did become a bit obsessed with what the scales were telling me and most of the time it wasn’t good news. In fact according to the scales I wasn’t losing weight but everyone who saw me commented on how much slimmer I was so I decided to start using a measuring tape instead of the scales and the results were crazy! The inches were dropping off even though the scales were barely moving

I’m ready for the challenge

This time round I am going to almost ignore the scales, I say almost because obviously I want to see the progress but instead of religiously weighing myself ( sometimes every day) I am going to weigh fornightly instead. It will take willpower not to step on those scales but I get very miserable when they don’t change.

I’m going to set myself a strict routine of my gym days and my rest days. Last time I think I became a bit obsessed with wanting to be there every single day.

I’m not going to beat myself up if things aren’t going as well as I expect them too. I have very big expectations and sometimes push myself too hard which is why I end up giving up. This time round I have set myself a challenge to be more toned and slimmer before June. That is 6 months ( from the time the new gym opens) to see what a difference I can make.

Jacket potato and salad
Jacket potato with tuna, sweetcorn and the world supply of salad

In June I’m going away with friends and I would love nothing more than to wow them with a new figure and a healthier more confident me. Not only that being fat makes finding fancy dress outfits really difficult.

When I went away last week I really struggled to find something nice in my size ( uk 16-18) I also found the sizing difficult with many being 14-16 then 18-20 , I’m determined to not have to struggle to find something to fit.

New me

This gym opening could possibly be the best thing ever for me. I need that motivation, I need that kick up the ass to get going again. I love the fact that every single person in there will be new to that gym and I don’t have to worry about the new girl on the block.

I really want to get to the place I want to be and I’m hoping that this is going to help me to achieve it. Oh yeah and I should probably cut down on the cheese!!!!

Thank you for reading


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