Why is my instinct to run away?

When you are going through some challenges in your life what is your natural instinct? Is it just to deal with it, to ignore it or like me do you run away? Sometimes it’s not even necessarily challenges. It can be achievements or people too.

Throughout my life there have been a number of situations where I have just packed a bag and gone

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10 Things NOT to say to a Parent of multiple children

Recently Beth (our baby) has been quite poorly and we have had many ‘words of wisdom’ from well wishers. Which in turn got me thinking of things you shouldn’t say to someone who has lots of children. Continue reading “10 Things NOT to say to a Parent of multiple children”

Expectation vs Reality – Becoming a family

We all have this image in our heads growing up about our perfect little families. Well I did anyway and for me the expectation was I would grow up, get married and obviously have identical twin girls. My husband would work hard and constantly buy me flowers and surprise me with romantic gestures. I fully blame fairy tales for giving me these huge expectations and falsely so.

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Only a Mummy or Daddy will understand why im awake…

Right now is a Mummy moment that only other Mummies in fact no, not just Mummies but Daddies too can relate to. My beautiful baby girl is sleeping perfectly in her cot. My gorgeous toddler is sound asleep , Annabelle is comfy in her bed, Ellie is snoring lightly , Harry is fast asleep and Gareth is snoring his face off and me? I’m downstairs despite feeling poorly and being completely shattered and more than ready for bed. Continue reading “Only a Mummy or Daddy will understand why im awake…”

Why you should treasure EVERYTHING your child gives you

We all have those moments where our little one gives us a stone or a piece of scrap paper with a scribble on. Maybe they made something to treasure? I think sometimes we are far to quick to give a ‘that’s lovely’ and putting it on the side without even thinking about it. I’m definitely guilty of it. Continue reading “Why you should treasure EVERYTHING your child gives you”

Letting go : It’s time to cut the apron strings and I HATE it!

Today my blog is sadly about that time where you have to start letting go of your children as they grow up. Last week my eldest child Harry turned 13 and yesterday Ellie-Jayne turned 12. Today however realisation truly kicked in that they are just too big to need me as much anymore and it’s horrible!  Harry asked the other day if he was able to go to Blists Hill with his friends. Continue reading “Letting go : It’s time to cut the apron strings and I HATE it!”

Q&A – You asked , I answered

I recently took to Instagram for a Q&A and during a live video YOU asked me the questions that you have often wondered about being the mother of a lot of children. I was a little disappointed with the turn out as I was genuinely really excited to hear what people who don’t know me personally, might want to know. Either about myself or the kiddies. Some of my family were there for support though and asked some questions that maybe you have wondered. Without further ado here is what I was asked. Continue reading “Q&A – You asked , I answered”

What do songs mean to you?

When you think of a song almost immediately you are transported back to a time in your life or a memory. It could be the time you had your baby, your first love or dancing at a school disco For many of us songs have all different meanings and I am no exception. So I thought I would share with you my top 10 songs and the memory that comes with them. Continue reading “What do songs mean to you?”

Dads Appreciation : They aren’t all useless

I have sat back and watched men get slated left, right and centre. I’ve also experience my fair share of arseholes. However I realised recently that sometimes Dads need a little appreciation and they aren’t all useless. Continue reading “Dads Appreciation : They aren’t all useless”

Is the world a more scary place today or are we just more aware?

I was lay in bed the other night and thinking to myself about how scary the world is today. How I worry for my children as they grow up. It got me wondering is the world a scarier place now than it was when I was growing up? or is it just simply a fact of we know more about whats happening now? Continue reading “Is the world a more scary place today or are we just more aware?”