Top 10 Tips for a smooth Christmas – Yes I said the C word!

Christmas is fast approaching and many people turn into a bit of a flap over it. From finance to food, the pressure is definitely on to ensure that Christmas is magical and memorable and it can quite often feel like you are taking the brunt of all of it. I thought it would be quite nice if I gave you a few of my favourite bloggers and personal top tips for ensuring it goes smoothly. Continue reading “Top 10 Tips for a smooth Christmas – Yes I said the C word!”

Breast Surgery and Body Confidence

We all have parts of us that we don’t like. Even the people we assume to be the most beautiful in the world probably have some underlying issues with their body and the way they look. For me it’s my bottom half of my body. I hate the way it is and I feel like my stomach and the tops of my legs hang. I actually hate the way I look and despite appearing strong and confident on the outside. Continue reading “Breast Surgery and Body Confidence”

Losing a parent makes you rethink your entire life

Until the last few weeks I have thought of pretty much nothing but life and what the purpose of it is. Losing a parent is one of the most surreal experiences I personally have ever gone through. This kind of thing happens to other people, not me! I have helped several friends when they have lost their parents and despite the fact that my mother was quite a poorly lady we never really thought it would happen to her. Continue reading “Losing a parent makes you rethink your entire life”

Ellie’s Thumb Operation – The saga continues

I told you all about Ellie and her crazy thumb the other day and the fact that we were waiting to see a surgeon. We’ve now seen the surgeon and Ellie has had an operation so I thought I should probably update everyone and tell you about experience with the crazy thumb!

Continue reading “Ellie’s Thumb Operation – The saga continues”

At what point do we actually grow up? Thinking about life

What point do you think we as people grow up? Is it when we leave school? Pass our driving test? Have our own children? Do you have a moment where you have sat and thought shit oh man , I’m grown up now? OK I’m guessing you’re wondering what on earth I am talking about but yesterday I had a moment where I thought ‘oh god, I’m the grown up!’ Continue reading “At what point do we actually grow up? Thinking about life”

Goodnight Mum

Being a mum is difficult isn’t it? First you carry your baby for 9 months, then you go through the excruciating pain of childbirth whether it’s naturally or via a c-section. As if all of that isn’t enough then you have to figure out the best way to feed your child, breast or bottle but it doesn’t matter which one you choose because someone, somewhere will judge you for it.

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My Christmas Wish

If you know me, well actually even if you don’t but you read my blog then you will know I love all things Christmas.  I thrive in the winter and my whole attitude to life, the world, people changes for the better.  Continue reading “My Christmas Wish”

Back 2 School and the bad weather means germs!

We all know one of the joys of having our children in a school in winter is all of the nasty bugs,germs, coughs and colds they pick up along the way. Not forgetting the dreaded headlice! When I was approached by to write a must have list for going back to school I jumped at the chance.

Below you will find my must have items for returning to school and beating those winter blues. With 5 children I would like to think that I can be prepared as and when these things happen. Which inevitably they will.

  1.  Any parent ( especially parents of girls!) will know exactly what it’s like when headlice strike. I was thrilled when I looked on chemist online and saw that they had Derbac M. I remember this being around when I was smaller and it being great. So first on my list I have Derbac M. ( Can also be used to treat scabies)
  2.  Second on my list is also a must for times where headlice are a problem. I didn’t purchase one of these as I already have a couple of them but I promise you that you won’t find a better comb on the market for helping you to remove the lice and their eggs. The Nitty Gritty comb has spirals on each prong meaning that it grips the eggs and helps remove them.
  3.  You can guarantee that there are always them stubborn eggs that refuse to leave the hair regardless of what you do. If you read my recent Hedrin review you will see that I was really impressed with the stubborn egg remover. There was no doubt that this was going to be on my list!
  4.  Obviously headlice are not the only issue our children face in winter, there is also the small matter of coughs and colds. I highly recommend using Olbas Oil on their clothing at night time if they are snuffly and struggling. I find it really works well when combined with other things to help them. Such as propping up their heads and rubbing Vicks into their feet. So 4th on my list is Olbas Oil for Children.
  5.  I was told that if you rub Vicks Vaporub on your feet it helps relieve coughs. Now I’m going to be honest here. I sat there and thought to myself, ” How on earth is this going to help my cough if it’s all the way down on my feet and not near my bad chest?”. Turns out it really does work! You rub it quite thickly onto the soles of your feet then cover with a pair of socks and leave on overnight. Don’t ask me how it works but it does!

  6.  Coughs in children can sound horrific and can be quite scary. I’ve been in the situation where Freddie had croup and it was so scary waking up to hearing him struggle. Even now when the weather gets colder he can get a bit of a bad cough. They say that cough medicine doesn’t really do anything but I at least feel like maybe I’m trying to help or soothing their throats if I have something to try and help them and that is why Calcough soothing syrup was next on my list.
  7. Another thing that my children suffer with particularly Ellie is dry skin and sores. Ellie has eczema on her face and it only ever happens when the cold weather comes in. I find that if I keep some Vaseline in the cupboard she’s able to apply it to her face and it helps to ease the outbreak and keep her skin hydrated. Obviously Vaseline is also incredibly handy for many other things too such as scrapes and burns.
  8.  As the weather gets colder we see a lot more cracked lips. Particularly if one of your children is a bit of a dribbler ( let’s face it most youngsters are!) and this can make their lips ridiculously sore. I always keep some lip balm in the cupboard. Not only does this come in handy for the kids but for us too. Gareth particularly suffers with cracked lips so Blistex Orange Mango was a definite for our list.
  9.  Finally no back to school first aid set is complete without a full blown first aid kit. I was super duper mega impressed with this and particularly how much we got for the price. I genuinely have no idea why I haven’t bought one before but I thought I would take a photo of all of the contents just to show you how incredible and how much you get. This covers everything, bumps, scrapes, shock, CPR you name it , it’s in there. This first aid kit is a definite thumbs up from me!

I also took to Facebook and asked some blogging friends what essentials they think you should have to fight the bugs & germs. Here is what they had to say:

Katy from Katykicker “Anti-septic wipes are a must for grazes. I always take a couple out with us for trips to the park too!”

Lianne from Anklebiters Adventures ” A good immunity support vitamin to help build up their immune systems for the bugs “

Helen from My Crazy Family Story ” Hot water bottle, some plastic bowls and a good carpet cleaner ready for the sickness bugs ”

Christy from Welsh Mum of One “It’s not physical things but I would recommend researching a few apps and getting them on your phone ready. One of the things I use the most is a simple torch App on my phone! Also replaceable with a real torch of course. This will help look closely at any cuts / scrapes to see if there is anything in them, as well as things such as looking in the mouth. There are quite a few free torch apps available”

Erica from The Incidental Parent “For nits a Nitty Gritty nit comb and cheap conditioner. The plastic combs are no where near as good and you’re forever getting messages that nits are present in your child’s class…”

Beth from Twinderelmo “Try to get lots of vitamin c in them before the cold season hits so lots of oranges & orange juice in lunchboxes”

Laura from Dot makes 4 ” We have a little cool pack that we keep in the fridge for when the kids fall over. We call it Oopsy Daisy! It’s perfect when little ones hurt their knees!”

Victoria from Lylia Rose “Nitty Gritty for nits with some natural tea tree shampoo, plasters, Calpol and for a wholefood vitamin/mineral boost I use Sneaky Greens to make a smoothie/milkshake every morning”

Pete from Household Money Saving “We have a good selection of plasters. If we have a cut knee at home, it’s always a good way to stop the tears if they get to choose the picture on the plaster”

Jo from Cup of Toast “We have headlice shampoo, a nit comb, plasters, cold compresses, junior paracetamol and junior ibuprofen. We also give our boys daily vitamins, and cram their food with extra fruit and veg wherever possible. Early bedtimes are a must too, as is plenty of fresh water!

Sinead from Sinead Latham “Keep the nits at bay with Child’s Farm detangler; between the tea tree oil and grapefruit so far we have remained nit free (hoping I’ve not jinxed us now!)”

Jess from Mrs Helicopter Writes “Savlon and liquid piriton. The antihistamine is for play dates allergic to our cats. Quite a few times kids have come to play without realising we have three. ”

Janet from Falcondale Life “Micropore tape. My girls are a bit older. In secondary school they have pierced ears and have to tape over their earrings for PE lessons”

As you can see there are a large range of things that you can get in preparation for all the wintery bugs and germs. I ordered mine from Honestly I wasn’t sure how it would be when coming from an online chemist but I needn’t have worried. As I checked out it asked me to fill in a questionnaire about the medicines and who they were for. I thought this was great as it shows they are responsible over who they give medication to.

Now I’m off to get myself a Lemsip ( something for us adults) and have a little sniff as the little darlings have given me a cold!


  • I was given a voucher to spend on in exchange for a post about returning to school and winter bugs. All thoughts and recommendations are my own and any products purchased were chosen entirely by myself and not influenced.



Aquabeads Disney Playset – Review

A while back I was asking if anybody had anything they could recommend for an 8-year-old girls birthday. Annabelle was turning 8 and I wanted to create some form of gift guide to help other parents who may struggle with ideas. We were offered the chance to review Aquabeads Disney Playset.

When Annabelle opened her Aquabeads she was super eager to get started straight away. Unfortunately she has a younger brother and sister who would just mess with the beads so she had to wait until a suitable time before she could play.

What exactly are Aquabeads?

They are tiny little beads that you put into a little template and once your design is done you spray it will water and it sticks itself together. Long gone are the days where our parents used to have to stand there for hours and hours with an iron trying to do it. The beads appear to be coated in a kind of glue that is activated when it’s wet. Therefore it is no fuss and no mess ( This is something I particularly liked!)

So what did we think?

After we discovered which way round everything went ( which would have been much quicker if we had just read the instructions in the first place) Annabelles first attempt was Rapunzel. Now she isn’t the most patient of people and for a very long time she was the baby so therefore is a little bit of a pampered princess. So after discovering it was quite fiddly she declared that she couldn’t do it and asked her big brother to do it for her instead.

Once she had watched her brother she realised actually it wasn’t as hard as she first thought it was and then proceeded to make her own. She loved spraying them then waiting for them to dry. She was also fascinated that she could just spray them with water and as if by magic they just stuck together.

I personally think this is perfect for someone of Annabelle’s age and I love the fact that they don’t HAVE to follow the pattern if they don’t wish too so it can actually spark their imaginations.

Overall thoughts and feelings

Aquabeads was a big hit for both myself and Annabelle. If I had to point out a downside it would be that they seem to provide you with just enough to do each pattern so unless you purchase the spare sets you can’t play for very long.

This would be a fantastic birthday gift or Christmas present and there are plenty of sets to choose from. I love the look Annabelle loves the look of the Cinderella one!

  • We were given an Aquabeads Disney Playset in exchange for an open and honest review on our blog. All thoughts and feelings are entirely our own.

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Why I Don’t Agree With The Whole Gender Neutral Thing.

Now before you shoot me or create a hate campaign, just hear me out, I have my reasons for not agreeing with the new gender neutral thing. As I’m sure you have seen being gender neutral is everywhere at the moment with John Lewis having a gender neutral label and schools changing their uniforms.

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