Fathers Day

If you’re in the UK you will be aware that today is Fathers Day, it’s a chance for us to celebrate all of the daddies out there and show them that we appreciate them. I wrote a post not too long ago about how dads need more appreciation so today really is just a day for exactly that.

So Firstly I would like to say a special Happy Fathers Day to the most incredible Dad in the world. And despite Gareth being an awesome Dad I don’t mean him. I mean my Daddy. I genuinely got very lucky the day he chose to be part of my life. I am without a shadow of a doubt the biggest Daddies Girl in the world. I don’t get Daddies credit card or anything like that ( Although I’m pretty sure if he was able to he would give it to me)

But he is ALWAYS there for me when I need him, no matter what time it is early morning or late at night I know my Dad is just a call away. The amount of times that he has got me out of pickles , or saved me is incredible. He still fusses now even though I’m 35. Take today for example, he asked me if I was wearing Sun cream and telling me to drink plenty of water. It’s the little things like this that make me know that he is there unconditionally.

The second person is my other half and Daddy to my babies. Gareth. Gareth walked into our lives 5 years ago and didn’t even want children. Today he is the Daddy to not one, not two but 5 yes 5 children. 3 of which he has taken on as his own and would do anything for. I have no shame in saying that every single one of those children come before me and are top of his priority list. Their happiness is his main aim and if they’re happy then so is he.

It’s crazy to think that when we met Annabelle was only the age Freddie is now and he has watched her grow into the beautiful little girl she is now. He has watched Harry and Ellie grow from children to preteens and teens and now is watching his own babies grow. It has all gone so fast but one thing I do know is that I couldn’t have chosen anybody better to be there for my children, to guide them and support them. To help to teach them right from wrong. We all adore him and the special bond he has with each of the children is unique to them and it’s lovely to watch those bonds grow.


Miscarriage – I will never forget

This time of year is always a difficult time for me as the 10th June is the anniversary of one of my miscarriages and possibly one of the most difficult and scary days of my life. Continue reading “Miscarriage – I will never forget”

I decided to do something I enjoy – I recorded a song!

I have recorded a song!!!

Today has been a pretty chilled out day with not much happening, the older 2 have gone out with friends. Annabelle has gone to her Aunties so it’s just me, Gareth, Freddie and Bethie this afternoon. Gareth has taken Freddie outside to play ( which might I add is very cute) I can see them out of the window playing hide and seek. Although I am pretty sure Gareth is enjoying it more than Freddie is! Beth is sat in her highchair having a snack. Continue reading “I decided to do something I enjoy – I recorded a song!”

When is the right age to leave your child alone?

Today I wanted to write about something that I thought others might find interesting and a subject which a lot of people don’t actually know the answer to. When is the right age to leave your child alone?

If you need to quickly pop to the shops to grab some milk or maybe you work till 5 and the kids finish school at 3:15 is it OK to leave your kids at home? Continue reading “When is the right age to leave your child alone?”

How Mal Ford from BGT made my dreams come true

If like me you love to watch Britain’s Got Talent then you will have seen Mal Ford. He was the guy in the red jacket , playing the keyboard and refused to leave the stage before eventually turning the judges round and getting through . Unfortunately he didn’t get through to the live shows but I was there rooting for him all the way with nothing but pure admiration and a big sense of appreciation. Do you want to know why? Because that man was the only guy who gave me a chance to do the job I always dreamt of doing. Continue reading “How Mal Ford from BGT made my dreams come true”

Give them a kiss , a hug and tell them how much you love them from the bottom of your heart

In light of last nights awful events in Manchester I wanted to write a thoughtful and honest post. Something from my heart. It didn’t seem right today to write the post that I was planning. Equally I just couldn’t find the right words to say what I was thinking.
I am beyond shocked and saddened by the fact that innocent children were the target of an attack. What terrifies me most is that if I was to take my eldest daughter to any concert it would more than likely be Ariana Grande because like most teeny boppers Ellie loves her. It could have quite easily have been us sat there in that venue last night. Continue reading “Give them a kiss , a hug and tell them how much you love them from the bottom of your heart”

Why I’m proud of my tiger stripes

All over the internet I am constantly reading about how women want to find quick ways to hide their stretch marks. Or want a special oil to rub into their bumps whilst their pregnant to try to hide their stretch marks. I wonder why they can’t just be proud of their tiger stripes? Continue reading “Why I’m proud of my tiger stripes”

Trying to be a couple instead of just parents.

I’m pretty sure we aren’t the only ones but sometimes trying to be a couple as well as parenting can be very difficult. Even more so now the children are older with Harry being 13 and Ellie being 12 it isn’t like we can send them to bed at 7 pm anymore and enjoy the rest of our night. In fact by the time they have gone to bed it’s time for Gareth to start venturing to bed as he likes to be tucked up quite early in case the babies wake up with the sun! Continue reading “Trying to be a couple instead of just parents.”

My Bucket List – Things I want to do before I turn 40!

I mentioned in an earlier post how life is too short yet we are all wasting it and mentioned how I should probably write a bucket list. So here is my things to do before I turn 40. I’m 35 now so I have 5 years to complete my list. I think 10 is an achievable number and if by some miracle I complete them all then I can always write another ten 😉 Continue reading “My Bucket List – Things I want to do before I turn 40!”

Dear old me – A Letter to the person I once was

Dear Chez

I am future Chez and I thought I would drop you this letter to tell you a few things. I hope you don’t mind but I thought that if you could read it you may see the person you was and will hopefully be able to bring it back into future Chez at some point soon. Continue reading “Dear old me – A Letter to the person I once was”