Have you ever felt completely 100% alone

When I started my blog I swore to myself that I would be completely honest. If people wanted to read it then that would be up to them and if they didn’t? Well it would give me somewhere as an outlet to vent how I feel and get things off my chest. I actually started my blog at a time when I felt alone and I felt like people weren’t interested and those who did show an interest about what I wrote on my personal Facebook were taking offence to everything I wrote. ( Although there is that saying, If the cap fits.. ) Real life isn’t just a case of family days out and board games.  Real life sucks, it doesn’t just a little bit suck it mahoosively sucks and I am really struggling with it right now. Continue reading “Have you ever felt completely 100% alone”

That moment when you reach the point of ” Sort your life out “

I’m pretty sure I am not the only person who has had the moment where they have sat there and thought about how much of their life they have wasted. Whether it is getting into a rut, being in a job that you really don’t like or just stretching yourself to your full potential. Recently it has been at the very forefront of my mind. Since my mum passed on 22nd September I have struggled to deal with the facts of my own life from how much longer I have left to what I’ve done with the time I’ve had. It has been like a continuous loop going round and round. Continue reading “That moment when you reach the point of ” Sort your life out “”

An Ode To An Average Mum Like me

An Ode To An Average Mum Like Me

I know you’re feeling tired and maybe a little blue
Your thoughts of a million scenarios
And what you think you should do

That poo stain up their back
And spaghetti in there hair
Their beautiful clothes
When you have nothing yourself to wear

Sometimes you try your hardest
And it never seems enough
But you just keep on trying
Because you’re Mum, You’re tough

Your feelings come last
Your hairs in a messy bun
But that’s OK you’ll deal with it
Because you are a mum

Night time falls it’s time for bed
You do a little dance
Because you manage to get a coffee that’s hot
it’s been your only chance

You sit and ponder all the things
You said or did that day
You’re feeling guilty for shouting
Even though nastily they did play

Just remember that whilst you’re here and feeling kind of glum
There are little eyes looking up to you
Proud and happy that you’re their mum

From this mummy to you 

We have all been there where we feel useless or not enough, friends have come and gone. You feel like you mean little or nothing. I just want to tell you, you are doing the best you can. And to those little people that are looking up to you that best is more than good enough.

Stop being so hard on yourselves and don’t always put yourselves last. You deserve time for yourself. Whether you are a working mum, stay at home mum, someone who bottle feeds or breastfeeds. If you take them to every club going or just sit and play games. YOU are doing the best for you and don’t ever compare yourself to others.

Thank you for reading and keep smiling,

You’ve got this!




Our Unusual Advent Calendar!

So we all know that the tradition of advent calendars is that you open a window and inside it is usually a treat of some sort, more often than not it is a chocolate. Well today I was looking on Facebook and saw that one of my blogging friends Sophie from Soph-Obsessed had the most fantastic idea of doing random acts of kindness as an unusual kind of advent calendar. Continue reading “Our Unusual Advent Calendar!”

Is karaoke the reason I’m so calm?

OK so here’s the deal, most of you know my life has been what can only be described as , well erm miserable lately. However I have remained very calm and strong throughout. I was sat thinking and wondering what could have made me take everything so well and I am genuinely wondering if it is karaoke!

  1. a form of entertainment, offered typically by bars and clubs, in which people take turns to sing popular songs into a microphone over pre-recorded backing tracks.

Continue reading “Is karaoke the reason I’m so calm?”

Top 10 Tips for a smooth Christmas – Yes I said the C word!

Christmas is fast approaching and many people turn into a bit of a flap over it. From finance to food, the pressure is definitely on to ensure that Christmas is magical and memorable and it can quite often feel like you are taking the brunt of all of it. I thought it would be quite nice if I gave you a few of my favourite bloggers and personal top tips for ensuring it goes smoothly. Continue reading “Top 10 Tips for a smooth Christmas – Yes I said the C word!”

Breast Surgery and Body Confidence

We all have parts of us that we don’t like. Even the people we assume to be the most beautiful in the world probably have some underlying issues with their body and the way they look. For me it’s my bottom half of my body. I hate the way it is and I feel like my stomach and the tops of my legs hang. I actually hate the way I look and despite appearing strong and confident on the outside. Continue reading “Breast Surgery and Body Confidence”

Losing a parent makes you rethink your entire life

Until the last few weeks I have thought of pretty much nothing but life and what the purpose of it is. Losing a parent is one of the most surreal experiences I personally have ever gone through. This kind of thing happens to other people, not me! I have helped several friends when they have lost their parents and despite the fact that my mother was quite a poorly lady we never really thought it would happen to her. Continue reading “Losing a parent makes you rethink your entire life”

Ellie’s Thumb Operation – The saga continues

I told you all about Ellie and her crazy thumb the other day and the fact that we were waiting to see a surgeon. We’ve now seen the surgeon and Ellie has had an operation so I thought I should probably update everyone and tell you about experience with the crazy thumb!

Continue reading “Ellie’s Thumb Operation – The saga continues”

At what point do we actually grow up? Thinking about life

What point do you think we as people grow up? Is it when we leave school? Pass our driving test? Have our own children? Do you have a moment where you have sat and thought shit oh man , I’m grown up now? OK I’m guessing you’re wondering what on earth I am talking about but yesterday I had a moment where I thought ‘oh god, I’m the grown up!’ Continue reading “At what point do we actually grow up? Thinking about life”