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When I was contacted by and asked if I would like to try out their personalised name tags for the children I jumped at the chance. If your house is anything like mine when the kids go to school they often come home with missing coats, shoes, PE kits. Jumpers and so on and these things can become very expensive! 

Just recently Ellie alone has lost her PE kit which at her school has to be embroidered with her initials and costs a small fortune the shorts alone were £16.95! and she also lost her coat. So I decided if the older kids are so quick to lose their things then I would go for some stickers for the younger 2.

Freddie helped me to design his and he had great fun choosing everything. It was very easy to follow the instructions. First we decided what writing to put on there. We entered Freddies first name, surname and then my phone number so that if anything ended up at somebody elses house they would be able to drop me a quick message to let me know that they had them.

We were then able to select which style of writing we would like and also the colour. Freddie immediately wanted his favourite colour. There was then a large choice of little pictures to add and different backgrounds. I let Freddie choose every little bit of his stickers and he really enjoyed the whole process. He got even more excited when I told him that he could help me to make Annabelles too as she was at school.

The whole process was very easy from start to finish and our stickers were with us within a couple of days. I can honestly say once they came through the door Freddie was super excited. He couldn’t believe that everything he had designed on the computer had come to life and was right here in his hands. He absolutely loves them and even made a little video for Mynametags which you can see over on my Facebook page.

For me as a mum I love the fact that the sticker seem very indestructable and they are extremely easy to use. You can even put them in shoes! They are dishwasher safe and can be put onto practically everything. I am looking forward to hopefully having to replace a lot less items!

Thank you Mynametags for giving us the chance to try out your incredible stickers.


** we were given personalised stickers from in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and feelings are entirely my own.

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