Teething-My God has she moaned!


Now I would love for all of my blogs to be sweetness and light and how lovely the kids are 24/7. The reality is my kids can be pains in the arses as much as anyone else’s and right now Beth is exactly that. I am putting it down to teething.

She has done nothing but whinge for the past few days I reckon it’s punishment for leaving her over the weekend. She’s not teething or anything obvious she’s just being a grump. I have gone through more paracetamol in the last few days than I have in a lifetime.

She hates being on her belly but automatically rolls onto it the second she is put onto it and God forbid we should give her a bath because the whole neighbourhood knows about it.

My girl certainly has a decent set of lungs on her … but you know what else really got to me today? she went to see her nanny and grandad and was an absolute angel , never whined nothing just love and smiles .. lil madam!

and then she looks at me with them big beautiful eyes and a teethy smile and I instantly forgive the fact she’s been a little devil this week

see guys no kids are perfect not even mine but I wouldn’t change them for the world 😉

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