My Dream House

When we are little, we sit there and dream up how our future will be. How many children we will have, who we will marry. What our wedding dress will be like and who will be bridesmaids. We also think about what kind of house we will be living in.

I was sat the other day thinking about if I was to ever win the lottery ( this is never going to happen I don’t play!) but if I did what kind of house would I want? Would it be in a big city surrounded by shops? A big country manor on a posh estate? A giant house on a busy street full of children and with my own pool? Maybe even one of those posh flats at the top of a high-rise building where everything is electrical and you only have to clap your hands to shut the blinds?

My Dream House

After quite a while thinking about it I came to the conclusion that as nice as all of those things would be my perfect and ideal house would be a little cottage. Set in a village with only a few neighbours. Like the kind of place you read about in a book. The shop would be quite a drive a way. In the front room would be beamed ceilings and an open fire with a big thick fluffy rug. The walls would be brick rather than modern , wallpapered or painted. My kitchen would have a big old Aga stove in it and pans hanging from hooks on the ceiling or wall. The back garden would have a swing set in for the kids and I would have a big tree house built for the children to play in and make memories. Maybe one of those old tyre swings where they can sit and day-dream.

I wouldn’t need anything majorly modern and I would spend my nights all cosy in the front room with the fire on under a blanket reading a book or watching TV. I might even treat myself to a little glass of wine as well.

It’s never going to happen

But just think how perfect that would be! Instead I will sit here, drink my coffee at my kitchen table in one of the most run down areas of my town but be very grateful. After all some people won’t be sitting in a house tonight. Some people aren’t that lucky.

Thank you for reading

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