My Christmas Wish

If you know me, well actually even if you don’t but you read my blog then you will know I love all things Christmas.  I thrive in the winter and my whole attitude to life, the world, people changes for the better. 

I genuinely believe that I suffer from SADS but rather than needing a light box in the winter, I need something to help me in the summer. Please don’t think I am saying this in a jokey way. I HATE summer, I hate everything about it from the heat to people being uptight and grumpy because they’re too hot. Summer just isn’t for me.

This time of year however is the time where I start coming into my own and start feeling more upbeat and positive. I begin to think about all the exciting events due to take place such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas. I also begin to think about how our Christmas will be. Who will buy what and for whom? What will we eat? Where will we go? I also get the joy of sharing this little beauty over and over again of Ellie in her school play when she was tiny 😉

I genuinely just really enjoy the magic of Christmas. Anyway I thought it would be nice if I shared with you my vision for this Christmas. My Wish of how I would like it to go and what I would like to do.


So what’s the plan stan?

I am very excited to be taking part in my very first #blogmas and this means that already in the middle of September I am planning our December. I am super excited that already I have exciting things planned such as a trip to Winter Wonderland and to see Santa’s Christmas Wish at Severn theatre. As well as all of these trips I have planned we are going to be baking, making things and we’re even going to have our very own hot chocolate station!

I have a shed that I’m going to turn into a festive space where you can sit and enjoy a warm drink and a chat and I threw away ALL of our Christmas decorations last year meaning that we have an excuse to buy new ones!

What is my Christmas wish?

My Christmas wish is simply to create as many exciting surprises and activities as I can. Enjoy as much family time as possible and just let the stresses and strains of every day life to vanish for December whilst enjoying good old fashioned quality time together!

My older 2 are getting a bit too old and cool to do ‘kiddy’ things now so this year may well be the last year they want to join in with the rest of us so I intend on making it the best Christmas EVER! In recent years the Christmases haven’t been amazing, a run of bad luck has meant that things have changed and we’ve had to make do. This year I fully intend on starting my plans as early as possible and getting things bit by bit so that come December I KNOW we are going to have a fantastic time without any of the worries and usual Mummy tears on Christmas Eve!!

I can’t wait to share our experiences with you and really hope you will enjoy being along for the ride. I will be sharing any cheap/ free things I come across too, it’s not easy being a parent at Christmas so if I can help then I will.

If you have an event coming up that you would like us to come to get in touch!!!! Gareth has now taken over my emails so please contact us via ( don’t worry he doesn’t agree anything without checking with me first! haha)



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