My Christmas Obsession – Yes I know its July!

Santa, Reindeer, Candy Canes, Lights , Carols, Presents, Turkey, Crackers you name it I LOVE it. I am completely and utterly obsessed with Christmas and everything that comes with it.  I have lost count the amount of times I have been tagged on social media in things to do with Christmas, I have a large array of friends and even those I don’t speak to very often will see something Christmas and immediately think of me. I think its awesome!!!!

My Thoughts on Christmas in july?

Well what an absolutely incredibly fantastic idea!!! I am known for singing Christmas carols in June and driving everyone insane, so the fact that people now celebrate Christmas in July is just brilliant! I could barely contain my excitement when a friend informed me that Movies 24 was turning to Christmas films throughout July. In fact to begin with I thought it was just for the week and then when I realised it was for the whole month I was like a child!

I’ve already watched loads of them poor Gareth has to sit through them all and I’ve also recorded plenty ready for when its no longer Christmas in July and I can sit and watch them.  I’ve only just realised that they actually hold Christmas in July Events!!! How awesome is that!

So why the obsession?

Some people buy shoes , clothes shop, wear make up, sing, dance etc to cheer themselves up , I do it with Christmas! If life’s getting a little tough for me I don’t grab for the bottle of wine, I settle myself in a nice bath with a bath bomb and a Christmas book. I don’t know what it is about them that helps me to feel better but whenever I read a book or watch a movie I get a warm and fuzzy feeling inside me. I am generally at my happiest during the time of year that usually causes everyone stress.

I think there is nothing better than sitting there in your nice warm house on a freezing winters evening, burning a festive candle, hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows in hand whilst watching a Christmas film. People just seem nicer and much more kind in winter. Not only that but in the winter it’s acceptable to sit in your pj’s and hibernate a little bit.

I blame the parents

My parents were never Christmas obsessed like I am but they did make a big deal of making sure that it was magical and festive for us. I don’t remember a single bad Christmas, and do you know what else? It’s not even the presents I remember, the memories I have are of us playing board games, watching films, spending time together, sitting round the table for turkey with our hats on reading out dodgy jokes.

I want my kids to have that very same festive feeling. I want them to look back on their childhood Christmas’s and winter and have nothing but happy and fond memories. Already the older ones are following in my footsteps and when asked what their favourite time of year is they will all tell you that it is winter.

We have some little traditions too

If I have a car at Christmas time ( not very often might I add) then I like to take the children to somewhere called Haughton, it’s a tiny little village not to far away from my house and they all decorate their houses and make it all magical. We will then come home where they will open a present. This is ALWAYS pj’s. They then have baths and get into their new pj’s before we sit and watch a film with hot chocolates. We then sprinkle reindeer food outside so that the reindeer know where to go and keep an eye out for Santa’s sleigh before going back inside to set out a plate for the man in the big red suit. Then the children go to bed whilst myself and Gareth sit and finish wrapping the last of the gifts and have a little glass of wine.

On Christmas morning there is always a gift on the ends of their beds and it is always a colouring book and pens. This is something I have done ever since my eldest Harry was a baby and it will continue until they have their own babies.

Thanks for sharing a tiny insight into my obsession with me 🙂


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