My baby started nursery!

If you think back to a while ago I had a dilemma over whether or not to send Freddie to nursery and eventually gave in and let him go. With Bethie I felt I had no choice but to let her go as she was becoming extremely clingy and seemed petrified of anyone new or being separated from me in any way. Once things have settled I plan on returning to work which means that she will need to get used to being around other people and to be away from me.

It is completely my own fault that she is such a clingy mummies girl. I guess being my very last baby has meant that I’ve babied her more than the others. She is very spoilt and that is down to me. I don’t think there is a single day that has gone by where she hasn’t been completely smothered in kisses and cuddles.


Monday morning came around and Bethie was the first out of the children to start school. I can only describe it as super cute as she got dressed and told everyone she was off to school. She exciting climbed into the car and happily greeted everyone as she walked in looking very proud that she was off to big school.

Then it was time for me to leave and things took a turn, she was screaming for me to stay. Crying to go with Mummy. I had to be strong and walk out of there leaving her behind crying. For the first time ever I almost cried when one of my children started nursery. I’m not an emotional mum so whilst things like this are sad I see it more of a new beginning, a start of a future, friends, fun more than my baby leaving me.

I walked away from the nursery with a big lump in my throat but knew I was doing the right thing for her and helping her.

The morning was spent clock watching until it was time to collect her. I walked into the nursery to find her really upset. In this moment I panicked that her entire morning had been spent upset because I had left her there but the nursery teacher assured me that she had only started crying once she had seen me through the door and that she had a brilliant first day.

Within 10 minutes of being at home she was sound asleep on her Daddy. Nursery must be hard work as she hasn’t napped in over a year!


Tuesday morning came and again she excitedly got ready for school. I was expecting there to be a problem getting her into the car after what had happened on Monday but she happily walked out to the car excitedly talking about going to school. As I dropped her off again she cried. Luckily she is in the room with all of Freddie’s old teachers so we know them well. I handed her over to one of them and walked out. She wasn’t crying anywhere near as bad as she was on Monday and I felt a little more settled knowing she was in safe hands.

When she was collected she was happily sat on the matt with all of the other children and actually when I said it was time to come home she picked up some toys to carry on playing. The teacher said she had a great day although she was covered in scratches all over her face. They were unsure how it had happened and couldn’t be sure if she had managed to scratch herself or if another child had done it.

I told the teacher it’s a good job I knew them well seen as it was only her second day and she was coming back injured.

The rest of the week

The rest of the week followed in pretty much the same pattern of her crying as she went in but playing happily as she was collected but there was massive progress in the fact that despite crying by the end of the week she was putting her arms out to the teacher to take her as she was left. Each day we were told how much she had progressed and what a fantastic day she’d had.

My clever baby

I am so proud of her for completing her first week in nursery. It really can’t be easy walking into a place knowing absolutely nobody when you are completely attached to your mother. Despite all of the tears she also had a lot of fun. The teachers all commented on how incredible her speech is and what a lovely little girl she is.

I really hope this is the start of my baby princess coming out of her shell and making many new friends.

Well done Bethie!

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One thought on “My baby started nursery!

  1. Well done Bethie! I had to hold back the tears on the walk home from dropping our little monkey off for her first day last Wednesday, it’s such a big step for them isn’t it but will do wonders for their confidence. You Cheryl are such an amazing mummy and lovely lady, i’m so glad to have met you through the blogging community 🙂 xx

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