mum’s back from her weekend away!

Well my weekend of madness is over and it’s back to reality for all of us. It was a fantastic weekend and great to become Chez again instead of just mum.

If I had to describe the weekend in 5 words I would say

  • Crazy
  • Drunken
  • Funny
  • Entertaining
  • Amazing

The atmosphere right from the second we got there was incredible and everyone was very friendly. Amazingly despite it being an adults only weekend full of drunk fuelled people there were no problems at all and we all had an amazing time. I was going to write a review type blog for the weekend but realised it will take ages as there is so much to include so I will save it for another time.

Friday night

Friday night we went out in neon clothes with tshirts of our names on , it was a great night with an amazing atmosphere , we went to see Robyn S but felt she was a bit slow to start so we went to the other room where Sonique was playing and she was absolutely amazing , by the time we had seen her we had been drinking for hours and dancing constantly so our feet couldn’t take anymore and we headed back to the chalet

Saturday night

Saturday night it was builders night , we had made friends with the guys in chalet just down from us so had predrinks with them we got ready and we’re playing games in the chalet where the loser had to take a shot but then my sister in law tina came up with the idea that we had to spend that evening trying to find people who looked like the characters from our guess who game the winner would be rewarded with a drink bought by the rest of us however there was a particularly hard one called carina so we decided if anyone found her they would receive  £5 from everyone else to have a free night out on Sunday.

It was hilarious trying to find all the characters and eventually Tina won!  You can see the photos on my Facebook blog page HERE

Sunday night

Sunday we were all feeling a little less energetic and a little worse for wear so we planned a quiet day , we went to see the comedy afternoon which was brilliant in particular a group of comedians called The noise nextdoor. They were taking words from people in the audience and improvising to turn them into songs , it was genuinely and extremely funny!

then we watched the old group Damage before heading back to the chalet to get ready for the final night. We had planned on wearing nice dresses but by this point we were all just looking for comfort so all chucked on some clothes and headed out , it was very quiet as a lot of people leave on the Sunday ready for work on the Monday. We decided to go back to the chalet again and have drinks then go back out later on as whigfield was on.

we met up with our friends who were right by the front of the stage and had an amazing time , now call me cheesy but I loved the fact I was able to do the Saturday night dance with her singing it live, I was also a little too excited about the fact that she also sang another song I love and didn’t realise it was her that sang it.

It was then time to return to the chalet and pack to come home.

Overall it was an amazing weekend not only were there loads of live acts, great dancing, fantastic music and the world’s supply of fancy dress costumes but I also had a whole weekend of being Chez , not Cheryl the mum, partner, cook,cleaner etc I was myself and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  There is so much more I could tell you but it would take me a whole week to write it all.

We’ve made friends for life and memories that will last forever. I can’t wait to go back in September for my hen do. But for now it’s back to being mum and partner and time to start planning the wedding!

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