Mummy of 5 Miracles is 1 today!!! and I have some exciting news!!!

I couldn’t believe it when I looked on my Facebook and saw that on this day a year ago I took the plunge and bought the domain name! I remember sitting there thinking. I am just some woman from Telford in Shropshire who doesn’t really know anything about blogs can I really do it? 

Well I’m guessing that by the fact I am still here a year later with you guys reading the answer is yes! Don’t get me wrong it’s been on heck of a year with ups and downs and I even had to take a break a couple of months ago but I definitely think I made the right decision to not only begin my blog but to continue it. I even have a social following of almost 4 thousand people and over 8 thousand people subscribed to my blog which is just incredible!

There have been some lows

When you decide to share your life with essentially the world you prepare yourself for a certain level of backlash. Let’s face it not everybody in the world likes you. You could be the nicest person on the planet and somebody out there will find something out there to pick on you for. But when you’re somebody like me that’s a little bit like Marmite, you are more than aware that people usually love or hate you with not much scope for anything in between. Sometimes people literally just tolerate you.

What I wasn’t prepared for was for people to openly slate me at such a personal level, usually I would just brush it off and carry on, I am very much the kind of person who if people don’t like me then that is their problem and not mine. But I struggled to deal with it when people chose to do this at a time where I had just lost my mother and it hit me harder than I ever imagined it would. This was one occasion when I struggled to just brush it off.

However I have now gotten over it and I’m back to the Chez who frankly doesn’t care what people think. As long as my family love and care for me balls to what everyone else thinks.

There have been some highs

I can not put into words how it feels to hear people tell me that they read my blog and that they enjoy it. I will quite often receive random messages saying that someone is enjoying my blog, or that they can relate to what I’ve written. I will just be babbling about my day, or saying how something has made me feel then up pops a message from someone saying how my post has helped them, or it’s made them realise that they aren’t alone.

This is the part of blogging that I absolutely love. It’s what drives me to keep typing away and keep sharing the personal parts of my life and the things that other people would sometimes keep to themselves because I know that out there it is helping others to realise that they are not alone.

So what’s the exciting news!!

Well you may have seen my efforts to find a job, nobody in the world can say that I haven’t tried. My word have I tried. I think I’ve applied to almost every restaurant in the town. I’ve shared my story and CV across most social media. I’ve registered with agencies and more.

When I was live on Instagram last week I asked people if I was to produce a range of t-shirts would they wear them? I was shocked to see how many people said that they would. After sitting down and mulling over the idea and trying to think of some designs that I could do that would not only bring out the fact that Mummy of 5 Miracles exists but also become a brand of t-shirts that people would want to wear I came up with some pretty awesome designs ( no you can’t see them yet!)

I have done a lot of research and have decided to make the t-shirts myself! Now I can tell you that I’ve also asked my children to design some t-shirts and Annabelle has come up with some incredible designs that I just know that you are all going to fall in love with they are amazing! I’m not just saying that because I’m her mum.  For an 8 year old her natural flair for t-shirt designing is just… well you will see!

I am aiming to launch the MO5M t-shirts very soon and I can’t wait to share them with you!! We are also getting a brand new and funky logo which I’m currently waiting to get back. So it is all extremely exciting!

Thank you!!!

None of this at all could be possible without you guys! The people who sit there and read my babble, chat away to me across Twitter/ Facebook and Instagram!  I will forever be grateful for the amazing support that you give me.

Also if you see me out and about and think is it me, chances are it is.. pop over say Hi, tell me you read my blog, It will genuinely make my day 🙂


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