Mummy & Daughters date night – Beauty and the Beast

As I am sure all mummies of a lot of children are aware sometimes it is difficult to get that special quality time together . I decided it would be good if I spent some one on one time with Annabelle , as the middle child she tends to get less attention than the others . I thought it would be great if we did something together that Annabelle would enjoy.She chose to go to the cinema and watch the new Beauty and the Beast. However she wanted to bring her big sister Ellie along too! It was mummy and daughters date night!


The preparation!

Of course as with all dates preparation is the key.During the day I pre-booked our tickets so that all I had to do when we got there was to collect them. My brother then decided to message me asking if I needed a 2 for 1 code , obviously this only ever happens when you have already paid! Miss Annabelle ran in from school declaring that she knew exactly what it was she wanted to wear and darted upstairs. A short while later she returned in her Belle dress stating she was ready to go ( we still had an hour to go).
Ellie is going through a phase where even if she is going to the shop its a full-blown military style operation.She came in from school and disappeared, I then started giving her the warning count downs she requires.

” 15 mins to go Jel “.

“10 mins to go Jel”.

“5 mins to go Jel and if you’re not ready then we’re going without you!”

She eventually emerges full face of make up, beautiful dress and ready for the date. I look down at my tired old body, black trousers, vest top and cardigan, no make-up and suddenly realise just how under-dressed I feel but oh well no time to change it now!


We are hungry!

As we had rushed around to get out in time we completely missed tea. The film was due to start half an hour after we got to the cinema. I glanced to my right and saw the Costa sign and decided to treat the girls to a nice drink, however when I got there I realised we were all hungry. I asked the girls which sandwiches they would like, we all selected what we wanted Ham and Cheese toastie for Annabelle,.Salami and grilled tomato Panini for Ellie and a tomato,mozzarella and Basil panini for myself, then as we casually ventured towards the till there in front of us was what can only be described as a fridge of pure heaven.It was the cakes!

cue 7-year-old looking extremely cute whilst asking if she could have a salted caramel muffin, well it was a date how on earth could I refuse??  Ellie selected the millionaire shortbread and I also chose the same muffin as Annabelle. We slowly made our way to the till where I was asked what drinks we would like, I had no intention of buying drinks at this point after realising the time and the fact we wouldn’t really have time to drink them, but the question through me and I looked at the menu ,found the only cold drink I could see and ordered 3 strawberry and Cream drinks, I then declared that was everything and was told that would be £27.80 please … £27.80!!! for a cake, a sarnie and a milkshake each! WOW!!!

After I got over the shock we sat down to enjoy our food and as much as I don’t want to admit it, I can see why it was so expensive, it was absolutely lovely. In fact we were so full by the end of it that none of us even drank half of our drinks ( I knew I should have just said none thanks!)

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The Film

We left Costa and made our way towards the screen, obviously we were at the cinema so purchasing popcorn was something that HAD to happen so despite everyone being stuffed full we joined the popcorn queue.We made our order then headed towards the screen, by this point Annabelle was so excited I thought she would burst. We entered the screening to discover it was absolutely rammed full, the only seats left were right at the very front ( nobody likes the front seats in the cinema) We made ourselves comfortable and prepared ourselves for all of the trailers! ( Why do they show so many?? )

During each trailer my daughters declared they  wanted to watch EVERYTHING. Finally the time came for the film to start. Now obviously I’m aware that a lot of people are yet to see the film, therefore I won’t ruin it and describe it to everyone I will simply say, I went to the film because it was something Annabelle wanted to watch I genuinely had no desire to watch it myself. HOWEVER  I thoroughly enjoy the film from start to finish, there was a part of it that was a little scary for younger children so Annabelle changed sears to be next to me but other than that it was fantastic.


The film ended and I booked our taxi home, 3 and a half hours after we left the house we returned,. Annabelle was so excited she nearly nattered Gareth’s head off. I think we can safely say we all had an absolutely fantastic girls night out and it was worth every single penny. Now to decide where to send the boys for their night out!

I always try my best to spend time with them and this was just a perfect night out with fantastic company 🙂



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