Mummies little princess *cough*

I thought that seen as it’s been a little while I should let you know what my little devil princess , has been up to.

Bethie has really come into her own now, and whilst she looks sweet and innocent ( most of the time) and her big blue eyes have an incredible way of wrapping you around her little fingers there is also another not so cute side to my little lady.

She has discovered that if she¬†blows raspberries in your face that it’s disgusting and that you don’t like it. However if you tell her you don’t like it this just makes her find it even more amusing and makes her do it all the more.

She also has a new word which is ” kick ” now this word appears in all different scenarios, it can be anything from trying to give her a nice loving cuddle to changing her bottom.

Another favourite thing for her to do is to climb, we thought that Freddie was a little Houdini but he really has nothing on madam Bethie.

My brother and sister-in-law bought her a beautiful little chair with her name on it for Christmas, Only we have had to hide it as she has discovered that she is strong enough to lift it and carry it around with her and use it to reach almost anything. She climbs on it to try to open the windows, reach the kitchen sides, try to get to the sink.

Now don’t get me wrong she isn’t a constant little nightmare, when you catch her in the right mood she is the most loving and caring little girl you will ever meet you will tell you how much she loves you, shower you with kisses and cuddles, sing, dance and fill your heart with joy. Just be careful those cuddles don’t turn into her pulling your hair …..

She reminds me so much of Ellie when she was a toddler ( well minus the head banging but there is still time) and she is such a little character but I can’t help but laugh. Despite her little terrible 2’s ( yes she’s only 1) she’s definitely my little princess and I take full responsibility for some of her behaviour. I have fully spoilt her, she’s my last baby .. that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!


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