Why moving Harrys school was definitely the right decision

As many of you who have read my blog will know just before Christmas we took the decision to move Harry from the school he was in.

Harry has really struggled to settle into senior school life ( high school if you are not from the UK) His first school he didn’t settle in well at all and suffered from a large amount of bullying. We moved areas and he went to a different school where a similar pattern emerged.

Unlike most teenage boys Harry isn’t into football, he isn’t your typical teenager. He is very much into learning, he loves education. He is slightly OCD and is very organised. Alongside this he is very caring and would much rather be learning the periodic table than knocking around a field. This makes him a prime target for bullies.

Did he have a special need?

The first senior school that he went to sat him down and tested him for different special needs, claiming that the reason that he was being bullied must be because there was something wrong with him. After testing him not once but three times they discovered that there wasn’t anything wrong with him.

As a mother I was very hurt and upset that rather than deal with the people giving my son the trouble they instead tried to pin it on an issue with him. It at one point made me wonder myself if there was anything wrong with him. I did think that this was quite crazy, particularly when ever since he was a small baby he had always excelled in everything. From the age of just 6 months he could imitate any animal you asked him to. He could sort colours into groups.

Aged 2 and a half the health visitor had mentioned that he was extremely gifted and talented and that maybe he should be enrolled in school early. Back then I had taken the decision for him not to do this as he had many years of school ahead of him and I wanted to enjoy him just being a baby.

His second senior school

Things seemed to just get worse as he entered his second school. This time things weren’t just name calling and being isolated, he was physically assaulted. We approached the school who just weren’t interested in the slightest. They even said the words ” We have over 1000 pupils in this school, you can’t expect us to keep an eye on him all the time” Well actually yes, I can. When I send my child to school I expect him to be safe.

The turn around

We reluctantly decided to move him one final time, I didn’t want Harry to think it was OK to run away every time there was a problem but equally I didn’t think it was fair to make him go to school every day in a place where he didn’t feel safe and he was constantly made to feel like he was worthless. As  I mentioned earlier Harry is an extremely sensitive person and I was worried that these people would beat him down to a place where it could have a massive effect and could endanger him.

When I took him to look around the school I was immediately impressed by the fact that despite being quite a large school the pupil to teacher ratio was very good, we literally couldn’t walk a few steps without bumping into a teacher. We also noticed that all of the children seemed genuinely happy to speak to the teachers and respectful.

I need to point out the school we were looking round had recently been in special measure, it was known as a bad school not only that but it had scored very badly in recent tables and was named as once of the worse schools in the UK, but something told me that this school would be good for Harry so we took the decision to move him there.

So what has happened since Harry has moved?

The new school immediately picked up that there was something different about Harry but not in a bad way, instead they recognised that he is incredibly intelligent. His grades have already shot up massively in the short amount of time that he has been there, In fact they have increased so much that already in Year 9 he is estimated an A** when he reaches Year 11 which is the highest mark that you can physically achieve.

They have also recommended that Harry works alongside the local University and that he will be monitored in a special programme aimed at more able children.

He has made some incredible friends who are all just like him. Every night he comes home from school and spend hours chatting to his friends, they do homework together via video chats.

Half term they all went to the cinema together. For the first time ever my incredible, amazing son is being accepted for who he is, his friends all love him for being him. He isn’t having to change who he is. He is popular and loving being at school. I’ve lost count of the amount of times he’s asked if he is allowed to go places and do things.

To see my boy change from somebody who was afraid to leave the house, worried about what people thought of him to this amazing flourishing young man who is popular and confident is incredible.

Changing his school was definitely the best decision we made, and as for the school. I personally couldn’t recommend it enough!

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