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I have been tagged by Kiki from Kiki and Ginge to take part in the ‘ Movie of your life’ Tag . Thank you Kiki I love joining in with things like this because I think it helps our readers get to know us a little better.
I’ve seen alot of these and thought it might be fun to share with you my answers to the questions.. If you enjoy my answers why don’t you go and have a nosey and at what the rest of them have said in theirs 🙂

The rules are simple

  • Say thank you to the person who tagged you and post a link back to their blog ( Woohoo I did the first part, give Kiki’s blog a read its very good!)
  • Answer the 5 questions ( I will do this below)
  • Tag some people to have a go ( When I tag them why don’t you check out their blogs you never know they may have a topic you enjoy or that could be helpful to you)
  • Send your script to the appropriate film studio and they’ll offer you millions to make a movie based on your life ( Awesome I always thought my life story would make a good film or book)
  • Ignore the last instruction ( oh …. )
  • Cry into another glass of wine because us parents need wine ( Erm I have no wine is coffee ok?)
Question 1 : Who would play you in a film and why?

I would get Fat Amy ( Rebel Wilson) to play me because I think we are around the same size or were until she decided to shed the pounds and look incredible ( seriously google her! ) I absolutely adore her humour. She really is an amazing actress and I occasionally like to sing so the fact she can sing too would make me seem better 😉 If you haven’t seen her in Pitch Perfect you HAVE to watch it.

Question 2 : Who would play your significant other?

GARY LUCY!!!! Do I get to play me if he is Gareth? If so I’m there where do I sign up? … Did I mention I have a thing for him and have done since I was about 12… He loves me too he just hasn’t realised it yet. I think that if we were in a crowded room and I was the other side gave him a little wink the magic would happen…. OK it probably wouldn’t but a girl can dream right?

Question 3 : What genre of movie would it be?

It would definitely 150% be a musical. I love all thing musical, and I spent a short time working on the stage as an entertainer. I miss it incredibly so maybe it would be about that? Not only that but when I was younger my parents had to deal with countless showings of The Sound of Music because it was my obsession. I can’t imagine my life being anything but a musical. It has the sad parts and the happy, the anger and the singing so I reckon it would be pretty good!

Question 4 : What would the movie be called?

Confidence changes everything – Because a lack in confidence has affected many things in my life. In fact I was talking to Gareth about something last night and was saying how despite the fact I’m a bit of a gobshite, OK OK a lot of a gobshite when I first meet people I am relatively shy. That is a confidence thing in itself , I like to gauge people to see how they would take my humour etc. So I would say confidence has affected quite a lot of things from work to parenting and relationships.

Question 5 : What would the opening song be at the start of your movie?

Fight song : I think this would be fitting because I don’t think people realise fully the things I have been through and what I face everyday with my medical issues. I face so much more than I ever share with everyone so I think a film about it all would be emotional for many people. Fight song is such a fitting song, right now I’m going through my fight song personally. I’ve started to take back my life,I’ve started writing my blog,  slowly becoming more confident and even started a wedding planning course! I’ve done sitting back and watching everyone else get on with their lives, careers etc and finally I’m taking charge of my life.

You can little snippets of my life story in several posts such as 4 things you didn’t know about me and my journey to become a mum. Obviously these are snippets of my life but I am sure other things will pop up the more I write.

I would like to tag  the following bloggers to see what their movie would be… enjoy guys!

Louise at WeeOhana

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Zoe at Lycra Widow

I will look forward to reading yours. If you’ve already done it then feel free to write something about how amazing I am, I won’t mind 😛

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4 thoughts on “‘Movie based on your life’ Tag

  1. Aw, thanks for the mentions everywhere. Fat Amy haha, Rebel Wilson is so funny. I havent found a film she isnt hilarious in! Great post x

  2. I loved reading this, and thank you for the tag! So funny!
    A musical! Why do I always forget about musicals? So. When does filming start? X

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