Mothers Day Lunch – The Hundred House Hotel Norton – Review

The Competition

I was extremely lucky to win a meal for 4 via a competition on Facebook this year . It was for a meal on Mothers Day at a local hotel called The Hundred House Hotel , Norton. As I used to work in taxi offices I had heard a lot about the place but had never actually visited myself. I entered the competition as I thought it would be lovely to take my mum there for a special meal, However there was no way on earth I would be able to afford to treat her.  My mum has had a really rough year well a really rough few years and I really wanted to give her a special day. Especially as we wasn’t even sure if she would make it this far, so I entered the competition and was completely amazed when I won! 

Booking the table

The Hundred House Hotel contacted us straight away to arrange to book our table and we booked for 12:30. We couldn’t wait! Usually Mothers Days are like any other day but this really gave us all something special to look forward to. Unfortunately my parents didn’t realise that the clocks had been moved forwards so were running a little late. Gareth called ahead to tell them that we may be late and the staff were very understanding about it.

Our arrival

We arrived at the hotel to a lovely polite man stood at the door ready to welcome us, he asked about our day and generally made us feel very welcome, then showed us to our table, the restaurant area was absolutely beautiful with beams across the ceiling and lots of little touches that just made it feel very homely such as pictures on the wall and flowers, the table was laid out ready for our arrival and we were handed our menu’s to browse through, a short while later a waitress arrived to ask if we would like to order some drinks, as none of us are big drinkers we all went for Lime and Lemonade with ice and a slice, we were also given a jug of water with ice and lemon. 

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The Starters

It was time to order so we looked through the menu and made our order

I chose –  Eastern Mezze of Pitta, Falafel, Aubergine Puree, humus, Roast Beetroot & Marinated Olives.
Gareth and my Dad chose –
Black Pudding, Apple & Chorizo Stack with Onion Rings, Chutney & Smoked Newport Cheese Sauce
and Mum chose –
Watercress & Spinach Soup, Sorrel and Crème Fraiche.
The starters arrived and they looked absolutely amazing, not only did they look amazing but they tasted it too! In fact Gareth said there’s no way he would eat it all as it was quite large but he demolished the whole plate full.
Teresa our waitress came over to check we were ok and we were left to enjoy our starters.

The mains

I chose – 
Aubergine Pastitsio – Baked Cakes of Sliced Aubergines, Creamed Pasta, Caponata and Crushed Chickpeas with Tomato & Herb Sauce.
Gareth chose – 
Slow braised Duck Leg in a rich Red Wine, Roast Pepper & Black Olive Sauce, Leek, Parsnip & Potato Cake.
My Dad chose – 
Traditional Roast topside of Beef with Yorkshire Pudding cooked long & gently. Served well done.
And Mum chose – 
Braised Shoulder of Lamb with Moroccan Spices, Fennel and Apricot, Mint Yoghurt & Red Pepper Cous Cous.

The food arrived and looked equally as tasty as the starters had, we did notice a few items on the menu didn’t seem to be on the plates but it didn’t matter as what was on the plates was cooked to perfection. We were bought out a tray of potatoes and another bowl of vegetables to accompany the meat dishes.#

The Staff

Considering how busy it was we noticed at that moment how relaxed it was and how nobody appeared to be stressed or unhappy, I’ve worked in restaurants myself and know all too well how stressful it can be particularly on busy days such as Mothers Day but none of the staff seemed unhappy at all and Teresa constantly found time to check on us and make sure everything was ok despite seeming to be almost by herself and very busy.



I chose – Chocolate Mousse with Poached Pear, Stem Ginger, Shortbread Biscuit.
Gareth chose – 
Honeycomb Cheesecake & Chantilly Cream.
And Mum and Dad chose – Sticky Toffee Pudding, Vanilla Ice Cream & Butterscotch Sauce.
As Mum doesn’t like butterscotch sauce she asked if she could possibly miss out the sauce and have a little extra ice cream and this wasn’t a problem at all. All of the deserts literally only lasted a few minutes, I’ve never had poached pear before but it was absolutely amazing, I also tried some of Gareth’s which too was delicious.  I thought the little pieces of fruit added to each of the deserts was a lovely touch. Whilst we waited for my mum to finish Gareth went up to settle the bill.

The gardens

Once everyone had finished myself and Gareth decided to take a look around the gardens, we had seen signs for it and already had fallen in love with the place so wanted to see what else there was, we were amazed that outside was hidden a very gorgeous garden with so many beautiful little features including a pond, iron horse, a little cute area with benches to sit on, loads of amazing flowers and they even have a herb garden. This was the point where we decided we REALLY love the place and would absolutely adore it as our wedding venue, so we will be calling them tomorrow to see what packages they have available if any, it is quite expensive but honestly it would be an absolute dream if we could have it there.

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All in all we had an absolutely incredible experience at The Hundred House Hotel and we would definitely recommend it to our family and friends the whole thing from start to finish was perfect and as I have previously mentioned Teresa did everything she could to make the experience a warm and welcoming one for us and that we had everything that we needed.
Thank you to The Hundred House Hotel , Norton for my amazing competition prize.

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