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Molly Brown London is the UK’s leading jewellery brand for children and I was extremely lucky to be asked if I would like to try out one of their items for my daughter.

Upon receiving an email from one of the representatives for Molly Brown I quickly went onto their website to see what kind of jewellery they sold and was blown away.  I genuinely didn’t realise that you could get such beautiful and detailed jewellery for children.

Both of my girls had their ears pierced when they were 5 years old. It’s a little bit of a tradition in our family where on your 5th birthday, if you want your ears pierced then you were allowed to have them done.  After being pestered forever by both girls I finally let them have them done.

Sadly Annabelle took hers out too early so her ears closed up but Ellie looked after hers and now at 13 she is still able to wear earrings. We have had an issue where no matter what earring she wears she seems to react to them so when I was approached by Molly Brown I knew straight away I wanted to try out some of their earrings.

Choosing the perfect pair

Ellie and I sat down to look at their website and couldn’t believe just how much of a selection of jewellery there was. When we went to the earring section Ellie immediately spotted a pair that she fell in love with. They were called loves first kiss , I checked the specifications and it said that they had been hypoallergenic tested so I was hopeful that she wouldn’t react to them as she had so many sets of earrings previously. They were made from hallmarked sterling silver and had white topaz gemstones.

Beautiful Silver earrings in a cross with white topaz gemstones
Loves first kiss. Hallmarked sterling silver with white topaz gemstones

Packaging and Delivery

The door knocked and I was handed a parcel , as soon as I opened it I was greeted by beautiful pink. Everything was presented gorgeously and you could really tell it had come from a high-end retailer. There was a little pink bag with Molly Brown written on it which was tied at the top, once you opened the bag there was a beautiful box also tied and inside that was a gorgeous pink organza bag containing the earrings.

Beautifully packaged
Beautifully packaged jewellery from Molly Brown

After having a sneaky peak I wrapped them all back up for Ellie to open herself. I wanted to see her reaction to what she had received and I wasn’t disappointed. I think the pictures below show just how excited she was.

Wearing them

As I mentioned earlier Ellie has really struggled when it comes to earrings. Every single set no matter what the price , style or type she has reacted so we were a little cautious about her wearing them. However we really had no need. She has now been wearing them for about 4 days and hasn’t reacted in the slightest. We have finally found a pair of earrings that she can wear without being uncomfortable or her ears swelling up.

Overall thoughts and feelings

Molly Brown are an extremely professional and luxurious brand. Ellie felt like a million dollars opening such a beautifully presented gift. You really can tell that they care about their customers and making them feel special.

The most exciting part for me trying out this amazing brand was finding something that my daughter could wear without getting an allergic reaction.

There are so many pieces on their website that would be perfect for special occasions whether it’s a wedding, christening, birthday or just because you want your child to feel special.

Check them out!

** I was given a pair of earrings from Molly Brown in exchange for a full and honest review of their product. All thoughts and feelings are my own

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