You may have noticed I have filled in a few tags. I love these because they give you the reader a chance to get to know me better and they also help bloggers be part of a community. It’s also a way of getting to know other bloggers, the person behind the name on the page. Quite often you will discover things you wouldn’t have normally known (like my tiny obsession with Gary Lucy that I mentioned in the Movie Tag )

I wanted to do my very own version but couldn’t think of what I should do. Lay in the bath looking at my body with the usual repulse that I have for it suddenly I had my tag idea. I want to help people with their confidence. Do a little bit of lifting people up instead of just putting them down all the time and so here MOFM: CONFIDENCE IS KEY TAG will begin , I really hope you join in and enjoy reading it. If it makes and difference to even how one person feels about them self then I will be very proud of the outcome.


  1. Thank the person who tagged you by telling them something you like about them, something that will build their confidence and linking to their page.
  2. Add 5 things you dislike about yourself but then end it with positivity (e.g I hate my flabby belly but because of it I have amazing children)
  3. Tag another blogger who inspires you , explain why.
  4. Thank the creator of the tag (mummy of 5 miracles) and link to her page.
  5. Tag 10 people who you think are amazing don’t forget to tell them why!

My answers

  • I would like to thank myself for the tag, As I created this not only for everyone else but myself too. I sat there one day and said to Gareth I can honestly say there is not one thing I like about myself right now so I think that this will not only help others but will help me too. I am far more intelligent and helpful than I give myself credit for. I feel like I do my best to be a good friend and to listen whenever anybody has any problems.
  •  5 things I dislike about myself that I am going to turn positive :1. I hate the fact that I have very poor vision in my left eye to the point that if anything was to happen to my right eye I wouldn’t be able to see at all and that scares me. But I love the colour of my eyes. They’re a lovely blue and I’m please that all  the children have my eyes.

    2. As used in the example above , I hate the fact that my belly sags at the bottom. I love the fact that the reason it sags is because I gave birth to 5 children when I was told I wouldn’t have even one.

    3. I hate the fact that I am overweight , it makes me feel insecure, fat and ugly. But I love the fact I can if determined lose all of the weight to look and feel better, it isn’t impossible

    4. I hate the fact that my hair is going grey. Thank god I love the fact I can dye it and make it back to its natural colour and that it is long and shiny.

    5. I hate my teeth and the fact I have lost so many of the back ones. I love the fact that the ones I do have are lovely and white and are all at the front so you can’t really tell that I have lost so many.

  • I would like to tag OMG its a girl! as my inspirational blogger. Alan has this amazing knack of turning even tricky situations into something positive. Little Miss OMG can be doing something mischievous but he always manages to see the positive side to what she is doing or to turn it around so that it’s really funny. I absolutely love reading his posts and the things they get up to , if you haven’t checked his blog out yet then please do. If it wasn’t for Alan and his help right at the very beginning, his guidance and introducing me to other amazing bloggers I genuinely wouldn’t have a clue about anything.
  • I’m not going to thank myself again … that’s just plain weird!

The 10 bloggers I would like to tag in the MOFM (mofm stands for Mummy of 5 Miracles by the way 😉  : CONFIDENCE IS KEY TAG are

Alan – OMG its a girl for exactly the reasons stated above, I won’t say anymore I don’t want him getting too big a head 😛

Martyn – Inside Martyns Thoughts  I think Martyn is an incredibly kind-hearted man.  I’ve struggled on some things that in the end have turned out to be something really simple. Not once has Martyn made me feel stupid for it, instead he has clearly explained whatever the problem was to me and how I fix it. I love looking at his blog and seeing the things his boys have been up to.

Louise – WeeOhana Louise is a very funny person, she makes me giggle quite a lot and I adore her sense of humour.  I love how she openly speaks about her little boy and his Autism and how much you can clearly see she adores him. She is a fantastic person and mother.

Lisa – Pass the Prosecco Please I admire Lisa’s honesty in her posts, she will tell you if she isn’t feeling right, or if she is down. She is a genuinely lovely person and I consider her one of my good blogging friends. I love reading her blogs because she is really funny, her blogs make me smile.

Zoe – Lycra Widow It was actually just today that I shared one of Zoe’s posts because I really think her blog is incredible. I love how she shares her emotions and you can feel what she’s feeling as she writes. I love how strong and independent she is and she is so pretty too!

Pippa – A Worm’s Eye-View Pippa is an incredibly talented lady, In her blog she is always sharing some excellent ideas of things to do with the kids that will keep them engaged. Her passion is contagious. She is always jolly and joins in with conversations quite often making me chuckle out loud!

Rebecca – Mummy & Maker Now this lady is extremely talented , her kids clothes are absolutely to die for. I fell in love the second I saw them and couldn’t wait to show Gareth. ( This reminds me I need to discuss with her some potential items for the kids) AND she makes them all from home! No big shop, no staff just her sofa, that’s incredible.

Tash – Bound for Somewhere I kid you not Tash is one of the most beautiful ladies I have ever seen in my life. She is absolutely stunning, don’t just take me word for it, check out her blog and her pictures. I love how even in different hats she still looks bloody amazing! , I have no desire to travel myself but I love how she has the ability to make you feel like you’re with her on her journey.

 Daddy Poppins No word of a lie, this man literally has my favourite blog to read. His writing skills are beyond anything I could ever achieve , he has this amazing knack of making you giggle outwardly when you read his posts. I love the fairytale breaking news posts he has been writing and I have been sharing them with my older kids who also find them hilarious.

Rod –Modern Dad Pages Rod’s blog interests me because it’s not very often you can find a man who will empathise with women. After looking through his blog I soon discovered that this guy secretly has a big heart.  He is very pro-mums and I like that he tried to offer advice to other dads . I particularly loved his post about periods and PMS.

Thank you for reading and I genuinely can’t wait to see people spread a little confidence to others and hopefully it will do good and raise a few smiles and make you all see that not everything is negative and things can be positive. You have every right to be confident, these posts should hopefully make you see things that maybe you don’t see yourself


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  1. This is fantastic! What a lovely idea! I adore everything you’ve written about the other bloggers (Tash is definitely stunning!) and the honesty about yourself, I wear glasses (but im not all that bad without them) but I’m also partially deaf, and like you with your eyes, i worry what would happen if I loose the use of my “good” side

    Another to add to my to do list! I look forward to joining in! X

    1. Thank you . I’m glad you enjoyed it and if I made you smile then it has done what it was supposed to. I can’t wait to read your version of it 🙂 xx

  2. Thank you so much for the nomination and such kind words. It was a lovely way to start my weekend. You are very kind. Great idea for a tag post you clever lady.

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