Midland Melts By Darceys – Review

When I was approached by the lovely Vicky from Midland Melts By Darceys asking if I would like to try and review some of their wax melts I jumped at the chance. I absolutely love wax melts, some people might even say a little addicted. There is just something about having a home that smells lovely. 

You can have toys absolutely everywhere but if your house smells nice it just makes it feel homely and cosy, or maybe that’s just me! I was very excited to try them. I have just treated myself to an electric burner and was starting to run out of melts so thought this was a little bit of a win win situation for me. I had the chance to try out some waxes that I hadn’t tried before and restock a little bit.

The scents

Vicky sent me over a list of scents and I will be honest when I first read them I had to do a bit of a double take. I was expecting the usual vanilla, blueberry and that kind of thing but instead the list contained things such as Unicorn dust,  Cosy snuggles, Monkey farts! ( yes you read that right monkey farts! ) Of course there was also come classics such as fresh cotton and baby powder but as I love anything that has a bit of mystery to it I went for Unicorn dust, Monkey fart, Alien and then the last one was a little more tradition Black raspberry and vanilla.

So what did I think

My melts arrived the day after I placed the order which was super quick! I couldn’t wait to place them in my burner. The first one I tried was Unicorn dust. As soon as I put it into my electric burner I could smell it. The sweet smell was absolutely lovely however within an hour the smell seemed to disappear. I have quite an open plan downstairs and the melt sample I sent was small but I was still quite disappointed so I messaged Vicky to explain and she asked me if I had used it in an electric burner. I explained that I had and she said to try the next one in a normal burner and see if that made a difference.

The next one I tried was Alien. This time I placed it in a traditional burner in my bedroom whilst I was working away on designing some t-shirts. Oh my god I was in heaven. It was absolutely beautiful. Not only did the scent fill my bedroom but I could smell it all the way down the stairs when I popped down to make a coffee. The smell lasted all day long too!

As I type this now I am burning Monkey farts, This one I ordered out of curiosity, I’m not sure why they chose the name monkey fart but it smells lovely, I’m not sure how to describe it but it’s a little bit like sweet perfume ( not like a zoo 😉 )

Overall thoughts

I would definitely recommend Darceys melts although I wouldn’t use them in an electric burner. I’m not sure why they don’t work as well when using an electric burner but the smell just seems to disappear. When using a traditional burner with a candle the smell lasts for hours and drifts through the entire house.

You can find Vicky and her melts over on her Facebook group Midland Melts by Darceys.


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