Make up – Should they wear it or not?

As part of our Topical Mums panel, this week the other part of the panel were discussing whether or not we should allow our children to wear make up. I wasn’t in this video but I found the discussion really interesting.

Mainly because this is an argument discussion, I have found myself and Gareth having many times particularly when it comes to Ellie my 12 year old.

As I was growing up my mum was never a massive make up wearer meaning that I was never really shown exactly how to put make up on properly. Don’t get me wrong she did show me the basics and gave me some idea of what to wear and where it should go but I see other people with amazing and perfect make up and watch in awe and honestly? I couldn’t tell you the difference between a contour and a foundation or why people would wear a tinted lip gloss instead of just wearing a lipstick.

For me I felt it was important to let my girls experiment with make up and learn the basics so that when they reach an age where they want to actually wear make up they were confident in what they are doing and don’t end up going out looking like coco the clown.

However Gareth was very much against her wearing any make up at all stating that she already looks older than she is and he didn’t want her to create any kind of negative attention from boys in particular. He is incredibly over protective of the girls despite being their step-dad. God help anyone whoever tries to get within 100 feet of them.

I stood my ground

And for Christmas and birthdays we would buy little gifts sets for her to use in the house or for very special occasions. She would spend hours and hours watching YouTube tutorials and now is in fact extremely good at applying make up. I sometimes even let her do my make up if I am going out somewhere and want to look nice. She knows far more about applying make up than I ever would.

Annabelle who is 8 has now got to the stage where she has started to ask for make up and after seeing how good Ellie learnt and how in fact that phase has now gone, she has learnt , is confident in applying it and knows what she is doing Gareth is far more relaxed when it comes to allowing Annabelle to experiment with it.

The other side of the argument

On the video Lauren brought up the fact that children are beautiful naturally and shouldn’t feel the need to cover themselves up with make up. They should be able to express themselves in other ways. Not only that but it could damage their skin and cause them further problems later in life.

So what do you think? Should they be allowed to experiment with make up or should it be an absolute no go?

For me I think it is harmless fun, they have to learn at some point, why not let them learn now, have pamper parties with their friends and just enjoy it?

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