Ludlow Food Festival 2018 – Review

Recently I was offered tickets to Ludlow Food Festival 2018 however due to a change in my personal circumstances I was unable to go so instead I gave the tickets to my brother Paul  and my sister-in-law Emma. They took along my niece Alex and nephew Jack and had an amazing time. Here is not my review but their review of the festival.


After walking through the entrance to the festival, there was a collection of classic and vintage cars. All parked up and shining brightly with their proud owners. After admiring these beauties, we moved into the beer tent.

In here, there was everything from dark and pale ales, premium PAs as well as keg beers. After buying the beer tokens (£1.75 per token, making each half pint £1.75 and each pint £3.50) we made our way round the different ales, trying the likes of the Top Dog Pale ale from Bullmastiff Brewery and Divine Comedy from Salopian Brewery. Whilst enjoying these, the music stage was in full swing with music from Anthony Doyle.

Even the kids were getting into the swing of things

The kids at this point was tucking into a pot of fresh strawberries and whipped cream from The Strawberry Stop. From there, we wondered over the other side of the castle grounds. Jack spotted Ultimate Fudge Outlet, selling a wide variety of fudge (surprisingly) so he was soon tucking into a bag of smartie topped fudge. It must have been nice, it disappeared quickly!

food time

We carried on, and found Coopers Gourmet Foods selling homemade sausage rolls with a variety of flavours. These ranged from Cider & Apple to Pork, sweet chilli and peppers. We eventually picked one each to take away and moved on.

Next up was Just Crisps (part of Just Oil) Alex delved in and was sampling all the different flavours. These went from the usual sea salt and Cheese & onion to the more unusual Jalapeno. While she was deciding which flavour to buy, me and Paul were trying the different oils and dressings. Decision made (she went for the Mature Cheddar and Onion) we moved on.

No food festival would be complete with out a purchase of cheese and sausages. We found Cheshire Cheese Co who had some unusual flavours. We sampled Gin & Lemon, Strawberry cream and champagne and Smokey tomato and garlic. We found one that we both loved…Jamaican Jerk sauce & garlic. Yum!

Sausages next…we found Willo Game who had cooked up some Wild Boar, chilli and garlic sausages. They smelt and tasted amazing so we had to get some to take home. The last item we got was a pot of pistachio & parmesan sable biscuits from Oak Apple Catering..perfect with a glass of white.

overall thoughts

It’s very much geared up to encourage children to be more involved with food. Grow Cook Learn were using science with food to experiment to see if there was iron in cereal bars. There was also cooking classes from Outside the Box and games for everyone from Asmodee UK. Throughout the day, there was also a tent for “Talks & Tipples” Experts discuss wines, vermouth and coffee as well as Shropshire Salumi and Bighorn Biltong. There is also a cocktail Masterclass, where the history of the cocktail is explained but the best bit is you get to have a go at making them (and sample them!)

With our collection of goodies, we made our way out of the castle. This was the first festival that both of our children have enjoyed getting stuck in and sampling the food on offer. It is definitely a festival worth a visit and we are very much looking forward to going again next year!

For more information about the event please see their events page

Thank you so much Paul and Emma for some incredible photographs and a fantastic write-up. It definitely seems that I missed out on a brilliant day.


*Tickets were given in exchange for an open and honest review



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