Loving the new positive me!

It’s the new year and as most of you know if you follow my Facebook page , This year is all about a new and more positive me. I think I’m doing a pretty awesome job so far at staying positive and not letting things pile on top of me!

I began the year telling myself that no matter what life had to throw my way I would deal with it head on and I would find a way to turn it positive. I wasn’t banking on having to use my new found attitude so soon, However fate had other ideas for me when it decided the new year would be a great time for my head gasket to blow on my car. I carried on driving it for as long as possible until I decided it was no longer safe to drive it which was yesterday.

Initially I wrote a status on Facebook asking if anyone was able to collect Harry from school. That was until I decided actually I am trying to get fitter and healthier so why don’t I just walk to collect him. Everyone else does school runs right? Only Harry’s school isn’t just round the corner it’s a fair trek.

1:30 came and I got on my trainers, whacked in some earphones and off I went on my merry way. As I got closer I realised that there were blocks across most of the paths and I was absolutely dying for a wee. Usually this would have had me in fits of frustrations only this time it didn’t instead I saw it as an opportunity to gain some extra steps onto my target and as an opportunity to do really well in my challenge on my fit bit.


You can try to kick me down but I’ll get up 10 times harder

Other things have tried to knock me over the last couple of weeks but I flatly refuse to let them in. I refuse to let anything stand in the way of a happy, healthier future for myself and the kids.

Harry has had an excellent beginning to the new school term with set 1’s all across the board.

Bethie has really found her feet and with it has come a new exciting attitude which whilst it is cute and funny can also be a little bit naughty too. Gareth has written a post telling you all about it over on his blog Daddy Giraffe.

Annabelle is coming out of her shell a bit now. She went through a bit of a quiet phase but she’s began talking and laughing a lot more.

Ellie is hormonal but it’s to be expected, we are excitedly planning her 13th birthday ( She isn’t allowed to turn 13, because that will mean I have 2 teenagers! ) She does however have amazing taste in music and wants it to be 90’s themed! ( That’s my girl!)

Freddie is slowly warming to me, You may have read my earlier post about how I felt like he really didn’t like me and I was struggling to bond with him, Well we are making slow but steady progress. The other night when he woke in the night instead of calling for Daddy he actually called for me! Words cannot describe just how amazing it felt. I was super excited and honestly thought for a mini second my heart was going to melt and go squishy!

That’s all from me for now, but keep an eye over on Facebook. I’m just about to launch something really exciting with 5 other Mums and we really think you are going to love it!!!

Thanks for reading


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